ONCE UPON A TIME: Wants A Warrior Prince, Plus: Captain Hook & Mad Hatter Intel


When Emma Swan broke the curse at the end of last season, she didn’t just awaken the memories of Snow White and her gang, she opened the floodgates for a whole host of previously unseen characters to suddenly make their presence known.

So far the new arrivals roster looks like this:

According to E! Online, Aurora’s arrival is a package deal, so we need to +1 to that list. The ABC fantasy series is looking to recruit Prince Phillip to serve as Aurora’s love interest. Apparently the handsome fella “is known to selflessly shoulder the burden for those around him and is a skilled warrior.”

Speaking of skilled warriors, new information on Captain Hook has also arrived. The antagonistic pirate is described as:

“Vindictive, fearsome and ready to defeat¬†and¬†humiliate any and all enemies”.

Question is, who are his enemies outside of the boy who never grew up? Will he find himself aligned with Regina or Gold, or against them? Intriguingly, he may stick around for more than just a couple of episodes which could be good news as it should mean a proper character arc. Less important is the news that he’ll come with a British accent. Once is really shaking things up in Season 2! :)

Also confirmed for Chapter 2 is Sebastian Stan’s Mad Hatter. No surprises there. After setting Belle free from her underground dungeon to reunite with Mr. Gold, he’s only just begun his payback mission against Regina. Plus, who else would take us back to Wonderland!?

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