ONCE UPON A TIME OBSERVATIONS: Comic-Con 2012 Special — Season 2 Characters Revealed


Welcome to a special edition of Once Upon A Time Observations — your guide through the overarching clues and parallel worlds of the ABC fantasy series.

This time out we’re going to have a quick look at the new characters teased in the title card video released at Comic-Con 2012.


The first Season 2 title card featured in the video teases the arrival of Mulan — the legendary Chinese warrior. In the card above she can be seen in the Enchanted Forest of Enchantment sharpening her sword skills. In the classic tales, Mulan impersonates a man and takes her father’s place during a general conscription to counter a fictitious Hun invasion led by Shan Yu. She will be portrayed by Jamie Chung.


An intrigued Aurora (otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty) can be seen in the Enchanted Forest of Enchantment pricking her finger on the poisoned spindle of her spinning wheel and falling into a deep sleep. The ‘off-screen’ perp? None other than Maleficent! Aurora will be played by Sara Bolger.


The final Season 2 newcomer depicted in the video is represented only by the iconic imagery associated with his crafty deeds: the beanstalk belonging to Jack. It will be interesting to see whether the land of Jack’s nemesis, the Giant, is represented as yet another ‘dimension’ in the show’s growing collection of universes. At the time of posting, the character of Jack has yet to be cast.

Here’s the full video below, which includes all of the Season 1 title cards and the Season 2 clues noted above. Enjoy:

In addition to Mulan, Aurora and Jack, Captain James Hook, Ariel, Aladdin and Jafar are also coming to Season 2. Keep an eye on our Once Upon A Time: Complete Character Guide for all of the characters featured in the story as they are introduced.

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    I of course remember the beanstalk opening card but I do not remember either the Mulan or Aurora/Sleeping Beauty ones. Were they aired? Or only released as teasers?

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