Welcome to Once Upon A Time Observations — your weekly observations, easter eggs, parallels and connections guide for the ABC‘s fantasy series. This week we put “Dreamy” under the Seriablescope.


  • The foreshadowing clue found in the title card depicts the 7 dwarfs walking through the Enchanted forest of Enchantment. No room for Stealthy?

  • OUAT goes all Matrix to illustrate how dwarfs are born. The visual parallel links Dreamy’s awakening and his cursed entrapment. But which is which?

  • Astrid accidentally drops dandruff on Leroy, which of course echoes the fairy dust she inadvertently sprinkled on Dreamy’s egg in the land that was.

  • The soul-scanning axes of inherent-ude give the dwarfs their dwarf names and detects the dreamer in Dreamy. This is similar-ish to the mystical dagger bearing the name of its holder.

  • Dreamy and his brethren project into the real world via a face-in-the-hole game.


  • Belle, fresh from Rumples castle, tells Dreamy about love but leaves out the part where she was imprisoned and then discarded like a rotten egg.

  • Nova and Dreamy visit Firefly Hill. Perhaps a nod to the Joss Whedon TV series Firefly. Probably more to the point, the candles at Miners Day represent the fireflies from FTL.

  • Mr. Gold has “a long and complicated history” with the nuns who POed him back in the land that was when they were but fluttering fairies.
  • This is a nod to “The Sherpherd” when he made a deal with King George in exchange for the fairy godmother’s location. He eventually caught up with her in the Cinders-centric installment (RIP).

  • A broken axe for a broken dream for a broken heart. It all makes for a very grumpy, Grumpy. :(
  • Grumpy is born. His new love-less path seemed to knock the fairy dust out of him. But like most of the characters, his old bonds are reforming in the sideways world that is.

  • This episode does very little in terms of story progression but it does connect what Grumps told Snow in “7:15 AM” about his fairy love.
  • In 7:15 we also touched on the concept of what defines characters like Grumpy — interesting, then, to see that there was another layer to his cynical state of existence, while also offering more context as to why he made such a big deal about wanting to remember the pain; because the other side of it was so good.

  • So, Nova basically shaped the way Dreamy saw the world; at least until the Blue Fairy and Bossy made him very Grumpy indeed.
  • Dwarf rules according to Bossy: “there are no female dwarfs, dwarfs don’t fall in love, dwarfs don’t get married, and dwarfs don’t have children.” Dwarfs are essentially made for the purpose of working the mines — and they “love it” so much they whistle while they do it.
  • Apparently, the diamonds they enjoy mining ‘power the world.’ Yet there’s not much of a choice in the matter. You’d think with all that illumination someone would be illuminated enough to use magic to mine the mines instead of dwarfs. Aside from the loss of past memories/connections (the ‘reality’ of which is debatable), in some ways Storybrooke is an upgrade for souls like Grumpy.
  • Astrid tells a besotted Leroy, “someone once told me that a person can do anything, as long as they can dream it.” Who should have filled Astrid’s ditsy little head with such virtues but ditsy little Grumpy back when he was still a dreamer.
  • Did Nova forget she had wings when her ‘fairy dust’ almost went fairygeddon? Poor Dreamy almost went the way of the Blind Witch.
  • Astrid offers a LOST reference in her 42 candles whinge. While David supposedly had an 8 minute call with Kathryn before her disappearance.
  • Nova bemoaned the fact that she only ever flew over the world, while Dreamy lamented his mostly underground existence down in the mines. They both saw the world from a distance; illustrating their ‘fated’ coming together.
  • They planned to sail the world together, which reminds me of what our absent friend August said about water and its ‘magical’ role in connecting the world.
  • The notable theme of this episode is that of dreams. Dreamy had to grapple with the idea that his love for Nova was but a ‘dream.’ While in Storybrooke that notion is part of a larger conceit; with the characters trapped in a curse (nightmare) from which they can never awake. Although, like an egg, Regina’s constructed reality of doom is slowly cracking.
  • Can we all please light a CANDLE for stealthy (RIP). It just brought back so many memories seeing him again. Like that time he was stealthy, and that one time when he was stealthier. :(

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  1. Bryan H says

    I personally did NOT like this episode. Not much was revealed. And dwarves hatched from eggs? Whatevs.

    However, I must say the BLOG post here did point out several things that I missed.

    In any case, I hope they pick up the pace or they will lose viewers.

    Like: Thumb up 2

  2. WaySeeker says

    I guess it would be too obvious to offer a theory that the carrot chewing man is The White Rabbit?

    Like: Thumb up 0

  3. Mary says

    I think Belle was there because it was the night Rumple sent her to town and she came back, so she was still all about love then.

    Like: Thumb up 0

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