Welcome our easter eggs, observations and visual interpretations guide for Once Upon A Time 1.10 — “7:15 AM”.

Title Card Clue

  • With each episode of OUAT containing a foreshadowing clue in its title card, the clue for “7:15 AM” is a hooded and cloaked Snow White.

  • The mysterious stranger doesn’t much waste time in revealing the contents of his mysterious box, but for now all he tells Henry is that it contains “something I need to do what I came here for,” while a storm brews over head.
Something Familiar

  • We know that Henry hasn’t the foggiest, now confirmation that Regina is also perplexed by the mysterious stranger. However, she later reveals that there’s “something about him, something familiar.” One wonders whether Mr. Gold is more keyed in?

  • Bill Godling (or something to that effect) is the Storybrooke weather man. With a storm coming, he finally has some work to do.
  • The storm is just one sign that things have changed in Storyboorke since the Stranger (and Emma, who seemingly had an unwitting hand in his arrival) came to town.
  • It’s interesting that the Evil Queen/Regina took the Blind Witch’s lead by constructing a ‘barrier’ around Storybrooke, but like the BW her barrier also has loopholes that allow certain ‘connected’ outsiders to enter. Emma being one and the stranger, seemingly, being another.
Fairest Of Them All

  • In keeping with her fairytale character, Mary reminds us that she’s the fairest of them all.

  • Her distorted image further reflects her position and uncertainty, trapped in EQ’s curse.
Mysterious Island

  • Mary reads (or pretends to read) The Mysterious Island, a 1874 adventure novel by Jules Verne. The book helps to reflect what Mary is feeling and may well inform the larger context of the curse. Here’s a synopsis:

The book tells the adventures of five American prisoners of war on an uncharted island in the South Pacific. Beginning in the American Civil War, as famine and death ravage the city of Richmond, Virginia, five northern POWs decide to escape in a rather unusual way – by hijacking a balloon! This is only the beginning of their adventures…

  • A key element in the novel is that someone (Captain Nemo) is watching the group. Is someone watching the fairytale characters? We know that Regina and, most likely, Mr. Gold have knowledge of the curse, but is there another — a narrator, perhaps?
  • A more obvious reference is the mysterious island/mysterious stranger connection.
  • Mary also makes reference to a volcano earlier in the episode. The novel also contains a significant volcano.

  • Red Riding Hood has helped to hide Snow from the Evil Queen, who around about this time is sending Gretel and the hapless Hansel into the Blind Witch’s cottage to steal the artifact that she will, at some point, use as a weapon against she who thinks she’s safe.
  • On a character note, Red appears more mature than she is in SB. Are her repressed elements manifesting in SB?

  • There’s also some history between Red and Snow. At some point Snow helped her when no-one else would, opening a gateway for more backstory at a later date, possibly involving the Big Bad Wolf?
  • Red says she’s heard about Rumples abilities through “whispers.” His growing reputation precedes him.
A Rumple In Time

  • Rumples appears to manifest onto Snow’s boat. A feat surely aided by magic, giving us more insight into his dagger-generated abilities.
  • He’s been looking forward to meeting her, and he doesn’t say that to everyone. Maybe Snow’s reputation precedes her?

  • Indeed it does, as he acknowledges “you really are the fairest of them all.” He says it with a measure of disdain, however, which might hint towards her fatal flaws, or his own contempt.
  • He says that a broken heart is the most painful of afflictions — speaking from personal experience, perhaps — Baelfire? We also get insight into the limitations of his powers — he can’t make a person love another. But he can certainly help with separation.

  • His cure consists of water from the lake, which is transforms into a murky substance, and a strand of Snow’s hair to make it “personal,”  as “no two loves are ever alike.”
  • Rumples says that love is the most powerful magic:

“Love makes us sick. Haunts our dreams. Destroys our days. Love has killed more than any disease.”

  • By this point it’s probably safe to say that Baelfire is no longer in his life (understatement). He already seemed to turn against the boy when he killed Hordor and his men, and it seems the rot has only deepened since.

  • As part of the deal, Rumples keeps Snow’s hair, which is probably a bad move on her part, and she doesn’t get a straight answer as to why he wants it. Rumples recognizes a desperate soul when he sees one.

  • Apollo Bar — the infamous LOST easter egg that has now become a OUAT easter egg.
All Doved Up

  • Is this the magic of love at work? We’ve seen the Huntsman’s heart (etc) intersect the two realities, now Charming’s “find her” dove contrives to bring them together in SB.
  • LOST fans might also note that the dove is ‘caught in a net’.
Grumpy Together

  • When we first met Grumpy in Storybrooke, he was behind bars in the Sheriff’s cell, mirroring his FTL experience. Worth noting that he’s been in a cell with both Snow and her daughter.
  • Grumpy and Snow bond over their broken hearts, opening the path for more of his backstory at some point, while plying the origins story of Snow White and the 8 7 Dwarfs. (RIP Stealthy!).
Snow Falls

  • Mary thinks she hears “find her” dove’s flock, but there’s nothing there but some fallen trees. Lightening then causes her to fall..into David’s arms.
The Narrator Rates Her

  • The mysterious stranger? He’s a writer. Interesting..
  • In our Observations for the previous episode I touched on the notion that he could be a narrator of some sorts. Did he write Henry’s book? Has the show just inserted the mythical ‘narrator’ into the story? If so, how reliable is he? Who’s side, if anyone, is he on?
  • Those are just a few of the questions to be speculated. In the meantime, he says he’s in SB for “inspiration.” Who knows what would happen if SB became it’s own fairytale in a book? Would this provide a more tangible gateway between the two worlds?

  • One of the episode’s most poignant parallels in relation to the overarching story, is that Snow ultimately knocked back the cure, causing her to forget her Prince Charming.
  • While we know this is undone at some point (backstory alert!), it’s interesting to view as a mini version of the larger curse.
  • Fairytale/Storybrooke cross-overs with Mary/Snow lamenting that she can’t “get him out of my head.”
  • In SB, Mary wishes there was a ‘magic cure’ for her aching heart, little does she know this is part of her backstory.
  • Snow loses track of time while out in solitude. Her SB counterpart would also loose track of time while stuck in the curse.
  • Is Grumpy extra Grumpy because he feels guilty for Stealthy’s death? I thought Snow would get more of the blame, but I guess it kind of works that she also saved Grumpy’s life.
  • Grumpy sure is a complex fellow. He allows his pain to define who he is. This way of thinking might not be for everyone, but you can see how it works for him and why it informed Snow’s initial decision not to drink the ‘cure’. It’s about not letting go..something Mary advised Emma to do in the previous episode. As we go deeper into the story, this is something that might be interesting to examine — that which defines our OUATies.

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  1. Sami H says

    I thought the Volcano was the preverbile Sh!t about to hit the fan. With Regina curse falling apart all around it seems like a dormant volcano has become very active.
    huge reveal for me was when King Widmore exclaimed “HE’S NOT MY SON ” opening a big can of worms but then snow decided to get dressed up and forget (only thing missing was Dopey fanning her while Bashful feed her grapes).

    Who’s cabin was that they gave us a peek at? (Nova?Jefferson?)

    DNA?(he did “find” Henry ) counter curse? He sees the future. There to was a reason for those plants.
    Stranger? ?? Aside from August (name im guessing) I think the writer. But why the old type writer did he buy that relic from Mr. Golds?

    Like: Thumb up 1

  2. Sami H says

    Rumor /theory that the Stranger is Pinnochio. Plausible since he did exist in Ft and hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe he is Frederick since he is a guest star in that episode.

    Like: Thumb up 1

  3. WaySeeker says

    Stealthy! That could have been just a groan. But somehow it was great fun! Stealthy! I bet someone in the Writer’s Room blurted that out and they all had a uproarious laugh at that! How could you not?
    You brought us from 8 to 7.
    Are there more before that? 13 or 12?
    The Eight Dwarves … hehe!

    RIP Stealthy …

    Like: Thumb up 2

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