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Welcome our easter eggs, observations and visual interpretations guide for Once Upon A Time 1.09 — “True North”.

Title Card Clue

As we know, each episode of OUAT opens with a foreshadowing title card clue. The “7:15 AM” clue is the image of the Blind Witch’s cottage.

Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk

Henry seems to be enjoying his fix of Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk. While a comic like this has the potential to shed light and reflect the story themes, it’s most-likely a hat-tip from OUAT creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis to their former boss and LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof, who is the writer for Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk.

The comic appeared earlier in the season in less obvious fashion. They probably wanted to make sure Lindelof saw it.

In From The Fringe

Young Ava and Nicholas (Karley Scott Collins and Quinn Lord) have both guest starred on the FOX sci-fi serial Fringe. Quinn Lord portrayed young Peter Bishop in the episode “Peter,” while Collins played young Olivia in “Subject 13”.


As you’d expect, Mr. Clark who is Snow White’s FTL dwarf-friend Sneezy, appears to have allergy/nasal problems. To cap it off he’s the town’s pharmacist. Well done, curse.


Interesting, perhaps, that initially both Emma and Regina play a similar authority role from the terrified perspectives of Ava and Nicholas/Hansel and Gretel. Might this have a further reflective bearing as the show goes on, perhaps emphasising the similarities/differences between Emma and her nemesis?


More displays of the Evil Queen’s abilities. Among them: teleportation, smoke manifestation, telekinesis, and that old favorite, slinging fireballs through mirrors to add the finishing touch to Blind Witch roast.

Dry Spell

We also find out more about her limitations, which serve as the entry-point for Hansel and Gretel in this episode. Much like the Jacob/MIB saga in LOST, the Blind Witch has imposed a ‘magic’ boundary around her cottage that prevents the Evil Queen from entering and retrieving the important artifact.

The Recruits

Children can enter, however, and it’s interesting to see EQ using BW’s weakness to her advantage, recruiting children to win back power. While I don’t have reason to doubt Regina’s affection for Henry, one wonders whether he’s her most powerful object of all — a power-play that also fills a void left over from FTL.

See No Evil

How did the Blind Witch become the Blind Witch? Now that she’s been introduced as a character, it might be fun and informing to one-day revisit an earlier chapter in her history, so long as it serves the overarching story (i.e. tying it back to the ‘artifact’).

Note: this episode seems to confirm that the ‘eyes-shut’ woman in the pilot isn’t an older version of the Blind Witch.

Basket Case

The ‘Apple Shot’ serves as a reference to events in FTL that inform the current situation.

To Serve & Deflect

A typically reflective shot of Regina.

This specific mirror is interesting as it’s surrounded by shards (if you will) that distort the central image, which kind of works for Regina who surrounds herself with people and tools that refract from her true self — which isn’t all bad, by the way.

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  1. Dac says

    First off – EQ can rock that hat like no other. Totally awesome.

    Shame on me for not picking up that H&G were past GS’s on Fringe. Though the girl did look familair to me, but I couldn’t place her.

    I like the idea of the stranger being the wolf. I think Ruby and Granny are the two frequent characters we haven’t seen any backstory on yet and I definitly want to.

    PS- I’ve been waiting all week for this post. I always look forward to them.

    Like: Thumb up 3

  2. llandorian says

    Gold seems so obsessed with names. And the dark one (now rumples) is controlled by anyone who knows his name/has the engraved dagger.
    Does Henry know that Mr.Gold is Rumpelstilsken? If not maybe knowing Gold’s real identity is part of breaking the curse (or getting out of a contract). In the original Grimm-tale the miller’s daughter defeats Rumpelstilzchen by telling him his name…

    And did you notice Gold polishing the oil lamp? Foreshadowing for ep.1.11 me thinks…

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  3. Sami H says

    Im wondering which forest did TEQ banish them too? Im guessing Storybrooke. I have rewarched it alot and just can’t decide .

    No mention of Mr.K ? Rumor has it he is the genie, though im still pulling for Sydney to be the genie who became the mirror I looked up Mr.L name and found nothing other than its s dead name. Anybody eleanor have theories?

    Like: Thumb up 0

  4. Redge says

    As for the Stranger, many (including me) are also speculating that he could be the 7 year old boy who found baby Emma in the article she was looking at (right before Henry came with pumpkin pie). Very plausible, in my opinion!

    Like: Thumb up 1

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