ONCE UPON A TIME: Look Who Gives Regina Her Apple Red As Blood? [PROMO]


A second promo cut for Sunday’s Once Upon A Time — “An Apple Red As Blood” — offers one or two new bits of footage and suggests a certain someone will spring a return.

From the looks the things, Jefferson is set to make an appearance:

Last seen going nuts in Wonderland/falling into his hat in Storybrooke, his return (backed up by the cast listing) would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. It also looks like Regina-brooke acquires her “forbidden fruit” from the magician himself, but that could just be the way the promo is cut.

Still, it would make sense if Regina retrieved the hat following the events of “Hat Trick”. If Jefferson is trapped in the hat, it could well be that Regina uses him to get the apple from one of the lands with magic. That would be pretty cool, as I think much of OUAT’s potential is locked in its ability to show the two worlds intersecting.

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  1. Sherr says

    If Jefferson brought the apple to Regina, then somehow the Blind Witch from Hansel & Gretel stole it from her. I do recall EQ telling H&G that BW has “something that is mine” and directed them to steal the leather pouch. It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

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    • Sherr says

      Roco – with further thought, I realize you meant Jefferson may have brought a poisoned apple to Regina in modern Storybrooke, not the original apple in FTL. That’s obviously the SB Jefferson in the above ‘cap. Sorry! 😛 (He must be *mad* to do any errands for Regina after she abandoned him to the QoH in Wonderland, tho!)

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      • says

        Sherr — no worries, I still like your train of thought! Thanks for reminding me about the apple backstory with the BW – I’m also interested to see how that came to be.

        Jefferson must indeed be mad as a hatter. If he is still running errands for Regina, it will be interesting to find out the terms of their deal. (though I do like the idea of Reggie having her own little gallery of rogues :))

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