ONCE UPON A TIME: Lana Parrilla Surprised By Show’s Purple Smoke Monster


Once Upon A Time‘s Lana Parrilla reveals that she didn’t see show’s big purple game-changer coming.

The season finale not only featured enough dragons to make Daenerys Targaryen flip her lid, it represented the arrival of magic to the show’s previously less shiny verse that is Storybrooke. The arrival of the purple smoke monster cloud of magic took Parrilla by surprise. She told TV Line:

“There was some talk about the curse being broken, but I didn’t believe it until I read it [in the script], because [series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis] are tricky that way. They don’t really tell you much, but I like that about them!”

Parrilla notes that originally the cloud was going to be green, until a last minute wardbrobe change:

“It was awesome…. Unreal. But at the last minute they changed it to purple, which is more symbolic. It’s a better link to something ‘magical.’”

The possible implications of magic in Storybrooke are quite mouth-watering — not just for the audience, but for Regina whose lifebar suddenly boosted upon seeing what Mr. Gold had unleashed:

“She seems somewhat conflicted. She’s going through this huge loss with her son, and yet now there is hope. If she needs magic to get her son back, then so be it.”

Of course, if Regina has access to magic then presumably so will others, including Mr. Gold. Parrilla says she’s curious to see what happens between them, but believes that “it’s not going to be pretty”.

First thing she should do is pay a little visit to Gold’s shop — he might have a few items in there that could provde useful in these magical times.

Source: TV Line

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