ONCE UPON A TIME: Kristin Bauer Believes Maleficent Season 2 ‘Can Happen’


Kristin Bauer is hoping for a happier ending for her Once Upon A Time character.

Bauer’s fairytale character, Maleficent, was last seen in May’s season finale. It came with the reveal that Regina had her stashed underneath Storybrooke — in dragon-form.

Though she was ultimately defeated by Emma Swan in the bowels of Storybrooke, Bauer believes that her character could yet return in in Season 2. She told Huff Post:

“I think that when that mist rolled in, anything can happen, right? That’s what I’m telling myself.”

That mist is of course the purple mist that signified the arrival of magic to Storybrooke:

“But who knows? On that show, boy there really are no boundaries as far as who comes back or not.”

Magic on Earth certainly changes the the ‘rules‘ of the story and could well open a door for Maleficent’s return. Also possible for Season 2 are the likes of Ariel, Goldilocks and just about every princess under the sun.

Source: Huff Post

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