ONCE UPON A TIME: Josh Dallas On The Cliffhanger You Wont See Coming


Josh Dallas previews the Once Upon A Time finale — “A Land Without Magic”.

If 1.21 was Snow centered, the finale is geared towards Prince Charming’s side of the story. But before he can bring the story full circle by making it to Snow’s coffin, he must escape the shackles of the Queen.

Josh Dallas on how many gaps are filled in from Snow sacrificing herself with the apple of doom and the opening scene of the pilot:

A lot of things are filled in, and there will be a lot of surprises coming at you. I mean, the finale is crazy-bananas. It’s like a train that keeps on going and won’t stop. And like the last episode, which was really centered around Snow’s side of the story, this one is very much Charming’s side of the story.

On whether the Snow/Charming tale will have little backstory mileage left once it comes full circle:

That’s interesting. But we still have magic afoot, and magic can do a lot of things. And Rumplestiltskin still has an agenda, and we’re not really quite sure what it is or what it might turn into. And the Evil Queen will still have her agenda…. Anything can happen. So I think in Season 2, not only with Snow and Charming but all the characters we set up, there is still so much more that we can discover, even in flashbacks. We still don’t even know Charming’s real name!

On what fans can expect from the final scene:

You’re going to say, “What the hell is going to happen now?” Something is going to happen that the fans are not going to expect. It’s big, it’s epic…. So many questions are answered and things are resolved, but that just means there’ll be a whole other load of questions!

Catch the Once season finale, Sunday at 8/7c on ABC

Source: TV Line

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