ONCE UPON A TIME: Jennifer Morrison Dishes Storybrooke’s ‘Mysterious Stranger’


Jennifer Morrison teases the imminent arrival of a “mysterious stranger” who will have a meaningful impact on Storybrooke and the curse.

The actress who plays Emma Swan admitted that a potential new ‘love interest’ is on the cards for her character:

“They do start to hint at someone who is literally called ‘a mysterious stranger’ for a long time.”

Speculation on the mysterious stranger — to be played by Eion Bailey — has been doing the rounds since the early story details for “7:15 AM” arrived. The official description reads:

Mary Margaret and David continue to grapple with their unrequited love, and Emma and Regina grow suspicious over a mysterious new stranger in town. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Snow White​ yearns to ease her breaking heart as Prince Charming​’s wedding to King Midas’ daughter nears.

The mysterious stranger is interesting, for one, because he’ll (seemingly) be the first ‘outsider’ to enter Storybrooke since Emma arrived.

  • What impact will this have on the curse, if any?
  • Is the mysterious stranger a fairytale character — if so, who?
  • If not, does his arrival hint that non-fairytale characters can come and go from Storybrooke?

Morrison hints that the mysterious stranger may start buying into Henry’s fairytale sooner than the other characters:

“I think the mysterious stranger is one of those people who may be a part of that. He’s going to have some knowledge that some of the other people in town don’t have.”

Source: EW

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