ONCE UPON A TIME: Jane Espenson Weighs In, Plus: TORCHWOOD & Blood & Chrome


More Once Upon A Time teasers from writer-consulting producer Jane Espenson for you today, along with her thoughts on two franchises she’s worked on — Torchwood and Battlestar Galactica (specifically, she talks about the abandoned Blood & Chrome TV series).

On tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time (Episode 1.19) and the development of Emma’s ongoing conflict with Regina and her struggle to believe in the fairy tale:

Emma is starting to look at the mysteries around her and put stuff together, but it’s a very hard leap to make. I think that Emma is a very smart person, but she’s very grounded in reality. Also, there are obstacles to people believing and complicated reasons why they don’t want to believe. I can say by the end of the season, any frustrations that people have are going to pay off. Emma and Regina will have a confrontation on this episode, but it won’t be the last one. There will be a confrontation on the season finale that will have people buzzing.

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On the last series of Torchwood (“Miracle Day”, co-produced by the BBC and Starz)  and what she would have done differently in retrospect:

The Torchwood fans are very passionate. I’ve never dealt with a more passionate group of fans, so they weighed in very loudly about this last season — which was the only season I was involved in. I was very proud of what we did. I thought it turned out amazingly well. I don’t think you can ever beat Children of Earth, the previous season, which was an absolute masterwork. But, I thought we did very well. I thought we did things with that show that are not normally seen on American television.

On the future of the Battlestar Galactica franchise, following news that Blood & Chrome is no longer going to series:

I haven’t been on top of that. I know for a while there was talk of it being a series and maybe a web series and now I’m not sure. I think there’s definitely a story to be told about that particular war that that’s set in and I hope they eventually get to do it.

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