ONCE UPON A TIME: Jane Espenson Teases Complicated August Mystery & Finale Run In


The question: Who is August W. Booth? has driven much of Once Upon A Time‘s overarching mystery since his arrival in Episode 9. This Sunday brings fans one step closer to the truth, according to writer-consulting producer Jane Espenson.

Fan speculation on August’s identity seems weighted towards Rumplestilskin’s son or Pinocchio, while the show would get plus points from us if he ends up being the writer of Henry’s book. Speaking to TV Guide, Espenson confirmed that the clues have been laid out for fans to follow, but admitted that some of the breadcrumbs could be misleads:

[There] are definitely clues, but are they clues that we put in there so that you would later go, “Oh my God, it was Pinocchio!” or are those clues we put in there to make you think he’s Pinocchio when in fact, we’re planning an elaborate mislead. It’s very hard to say at this moment. I’ve seen the theory that he’s Maleficent (Kristin Bauer), which is fascinating! There’s more than one way to [give a] clue.

It’s not just fans who are speculating, the characters will also grow inquisitive:

You’re going to see Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) have his own theory about who he is, which raises questions of its own. If he were Rumplestiltskin’s son, wouldn’t the son recognize him, for example? But wait! Memories are gone! It gets very complicated. It’s a complicated mystery and we’re going to go a good way’s down the path towards solving it this Sunday.

Espenson also elaborated on the recent promo for the returning episodes of Once Upon A Time which show the town rallying against Regina and Baelfire hanging precariously over a glowing green portal. Here’s what she said about those mysterious glimpses:

On The Town Vs Regina:

If this town ever figures out who they are, Regina is in trouble, and that’s exactly what you saw there, is the sort of trouble that might be in Regina’s future. As we head towards these last few episodes, the dominoes are going to start falling. This season finale is one of the best hours of TV I’ve ever seen. It blows the doors off. Garments of people’s clothing are going to fly off from the sheer force of their delight and surprise at what’s going to be revealed in the season finale. Nothing is held back. The next couple episodes are going to be carefully laying some groundwork for a big, big metaphorical explosion at the end of the year.

On Baelfire Vs The Portal:

Generally, portals on our show lead between lands. They lead between fairy tale land and our land, or between, as we saw, fairy tale land and Wonderland. There were a lot of doors down there, so it looks like there’s a lot of different lands you can get to.

Espenson added that the season finale is one of the best she’s ever seen, with each episode carefully laying the groundwork for “a big, big metaphorical explosion.” For the fans, the proof will be in the fairy tale pudding, but the show seems to be finding its feet after an awkward spell.

Source: TV Guide

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