ONCE UPON A TIME: Jack Has Giant Issues


The following story contains spoilers for Once Upon A Time Season 2

We already know that Jack and his ‘beanstalk’ are coming to Once Upon A Time Season 2, and when he does he’ll have a strut about his step, according to Zap2It. The adventurous lad is also described as having “some serious emotional damage” and “always keeps people at an arm’s length.” It all stems from his past, one which he runs from “in an unimaginably dangerous land.”

That land may well be the famous land high up in the sky where the giant lives. The seeds for this story have already been sown in the first season when the fairy of contrivance gave Baelfire the last of the ‘magic beans’ to supposedly transport himself and his father to a world without magic.

While Jack’s beanstalk could resemble the classic tales, it’s also possible that Once will put a spin on it and have it open a portal, perhaps tying in with the Bae storyline?

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