ONCE UPON A TIME: Ginnifer Goodwin Talks ‘Blending Universes’ In Season 2


The second season of Once Upon A Time may be still be several months away, but Ginnifer Goodwin has been teasing the fantasy serial’s parallel Season 2 storyline.

Speaking at the Young Hollywood Awards earlier this week, Goodwin said she was most looking forward to exploring the relationship between Snow White and Emma, now that her character knows Emma is her daughter.

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While Goodwin is in the dark about about the main plot details for the new season, she’s confident that the fairytale characters memories of their parallel life will hold, now that the curse has been ‘broken’. She told Hollywood Life:

“What I have been made to understand is that — at least the plan is, thus far — we will remember our parallel lives. So we’ll now be these sort of third characters, who are the blending of the two sides of the coin we’ve all played.”

It should be really interesting to see how the characters deal with their dual memories. For some it will no doubt be liberating, for others, perhaps not so much. To further complicate things on a character-level, some of the characters might find they preferred Storybrooke bliss ignorance over Fairytaledom.

Source: Hollywood Life

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  1. Doc says

    I don’t know if I can go there with you all…..”?” A blending? Really? I know I’m boringly logical and trapped by rules, but, I still blame David’s bad judgment on the Dark Curse and the false memory implants. And, actually think that David’s actions should be rewarded as he was being faithful to his true instincts and his feelings toward Snow/MM… And refused even kissing or sleeping with Kathryn, his “false” wife. This is not my defense of another man’s actions of what most of you were calling feelings of infidelity as I saw no infidelity there at all! Now, if he still felt the way he did about Snow/MM,….you know, true love and all,…. and then recognized an opportunity to sleep with another women without being condemned for it… (semi-hot, fake wife) and was all over her every chance he got, knowing he totally loved someone else,…. then I would be in total agreement with you all because those are the actions of true “Dog” and whatever else you all were calling poor David LOL!…. Cuz you guys were just “HAMMERING!” on David ROFLMAO!! Here’s a twitter response from Jane Espensen on that very subject:

    @missJ&P: (shortened twit/handle o/of respect for privacy) “as a girl about to get married, David’s affair really bothers me”.
    @JaneEspenson: It bothers him too. But, memories of Kathryn are fake!.
    @missJ&P: But, his legal marriage is very legal, yes?
    @JaneEspenson: Well, it’s legal, but, it never happened,… fake memories the curse gave them.
    @missJ&P: So wedding or not, he has a legal wife who loves him. I feel bad for her and yet want him back w/Snow. Torn!

    My point being that the memories made in Storybrooke by all (except a few) are totally based on the original false memories of the Dark Curse, rendering any memories or actions from that point forward, a mute point,…. would it not? I mean, for example “BAM!” Emma kisses Henry and the Curse is broken. Suddenly, ALL regain their FTL pasts “TRUTH”. David saw MM walking down the street and yelled out SNOW!, not Mary Margret… and MM responded with CHARMING!, not David…. It will be difficult for me to believe that any of the “drama” created in Storybrooke can ever be accessible to the writers for future use as all issues can simply be averted by……… well,…the truth! “That wasn’t me!…. that was the Curse!”….. argument, quibble, lover’s spat, whatever, over… done,… end of discussion. I’ll be very disappointed if the writers go there…. I mean, trying to create drama from false drama that now is virtually useless is way beneath the level and talent of these particular writers.

    Snow: “I can’t believe you cheated with me on that poor Kathryn, even though I never liked that “nag with a bad attitude! Abbigail’…. ‘Kathryn seemed like such a nice person!’… you Cad!”

    Charming: “Really!, Really!,… Really!?(emma got *really* from her dad) I never cheated on anybody!… I wasn’t married to that woman, I was faithful to you!,Snow!”

    Snow: Did you sleep with her?
    Charming:……… w well…,
    Snow: Mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm……..?

    Charming: Well!, answer me this!…miss pure as the driven snow… How did a hand drawn picture of your apple tatto get on the men’s bathroom wall of Granny’s Diner, signed by Dr.Whale?? Mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm??

    Snow&Charming simultaneously: “That wasn’t me!…. That was the Curse!!”

    Ruby: OMG!.. I DID WHAT? WITH WHO!!??…. IN A TOWTRUCK!!???? eewwwwwww! omg,omg,omg….. lol!

    Do you get my drift? Because, non of that matters now!…. A blending of the three?……. idk? It just seems to me that their FTL personas are their true personas and that Snow will be the “kick ass” Snow we all know… she’s just now in Storybrooke! Everyone, I suspect, will return to their true selves as well as their original names…. as they knew and still know eachother by, now! Their Storybrooke personas have to just fall away like a cured disease. Oh, sure they’ll remember, but, really….. what significance can false memories have in any of their lives now? I hope they find an interesting, but, inteligent way to blend the three without having to go for the cheap laughs……. So far, So good! #fingerscrossed

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  2. Doc says

    Ha!… I wrote that comment back in June! And they went exaclty where I thought they would go….. allowing the crucifixion of David with his false memories, while allowing MM/Snow off the hook with EXACTLY! what I said they would use!
    “It was the curse!”…….

    How convenient,………………………”how busch league of them.”

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