ONCE UPON A TIME: Captain James Has Ginnifer Goodwin Hooked, Magical Powers?


The following story may contain mild spoilers for Once Upon A Time Season 2

While there’s a whole gallery of new characters coming to Once Upon A Time this season, it’s Captain Hook that has Ginnifer Goodwin most excited.

The actress, who plays Snow White/Mary in the fantastical ABC drama, expressed her enthusiasm for the arrival of Captain Hook in a chat with Digital Spy:

“I don’t know if he’s going to be magical. Hook in Peter Pan is not – he’s just a really evil fellow… with a hook! Whether he’ll be standing up against or aligning himself with people like Rumpelstiltskin and Regina is going to be really fascinating, since he doesn’t have the powers that they have.”

Captain James Hook is of course the pirate captain of the Jolly Roger, the lord of the pirate village in Neverland, and archenemy of Peter Pan. In the Disney tales he is devoid of magical powers, but is very persuasive and more than handy with a sword.

The role of Hook has yet to be cast but recent character intel has him pegged with a British accent and described as “Vindictive, fearsome and ready to defeat and humiliate any and all enemies”.

The lack of magic at his disposal is an intriguing point, that’s assuming the Once version is a relatively true interpretation of the Disney version. As recently noted by executive producer Edward Kitsis, the show is able to craft its own rules when it comes to which characters can and can’t use magic:

“When you see the fairy-tale flashbacks, there is magic but there are people who don’t use it. … Not everyone is a practitioner of it, but everyone is used to living in it. But if I have just woken up after a 28-year sleep and I realize that magic’s back, I would also start to worry. “Oh no, is the queen and Rumple going to start doing it again? Are we going to be in the middle? What scores still need to be settled?””

The situation might be slightly different for Hook but the prospect of the character attaining magic perhaps isn’t out of the question, particularly in Storybrooke where the rules have suddenly changed. Of course, we’ll have to see. Hook might simply be a very grounded interpretation who seeks power through other means, in which case it opens an interesting question: how do you survive in a ‘magical’ world when you yourself don’t have any? And we all know magic is power.

Hook Images: Disney

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