ONCE UPON A TIME Gets A ‘Broken’ Season 2 Premiere Title


The title for Once Upon A Time‘s Season 2 premiere has crashed onto the web, but what does it mean?

Episode 2.01 will be titled “Broken“, as per the episode’s script cover tweeted today by Once co-creator Adam Horowitz:

As for the context of “Broken”:

In the season finale, Emma ‘broke’ the curse (or at least put enough of a dent in it to give the FTLies back their memories), so ‘broken’ would make perfect sense in that regard. “Broken” could also refer to the consequences of Emma believing, not to mention Gold bringing magic to Storyville. For example:

  • Has Regina’s ‘happy ending’ been left in tatters as a result of what transpired in the Season 1 finale? I’d say perhaps, if it weren’t for her delight at the sight of purple magic (of course, in the cold light of day she may or may not have mixed feelings about the whole thing).
  • Have the “rules” been broken due Gold unleashing magic in a world were magic didn’t (shouldn’t?) exist?

Most likely “Broken” will relate to a couple of ideas extending from that cliffhanger.

It should be interesting to see which character takes center stage in “Broken” (assuming we’re following the same thematic convention as last season). Most likely it will be one of the central characters, though supporting characters or even a newbie can’t be completely ruled out at this point. Has Humpty Dumpty been cast yet? 😉

“Broken”, to air this fall, is written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Raplh Hemecker directs.

Filming for Season 2 gets underway Jul. 16.

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