ONCE UPON A TIME Borrows Secret Page From LOST, Says Lana Parilla


Lana Parilla believes Once Upon A Time‘s secretive ways are straight out of the LOST story book.

“They’re being very private with everything and I think it’s smart of them to do that,” Parilla told The Hollywood Reporter:

“They did that on Lost, as well. A lot of the guest stars – I was one – didn’t get the whole script. You only got what you were shooting. Sometimes, it’s challenging, but I understand why. We want to keep this show as secret as possible, not wanting to spoil anything.”

The actress, who LOST fans might remember as Greta the “Other”, went on to explain that while her ‘Storybrook’ character Regina embodies the show’s secrecy, her ‘evil’ fairy tale character is much more surface-level:

“There’s a lot of secrets, there’s a lot to contain, there’s a lot to mask as Regina. She’s a much more complex character I find. I think the Evil Queen, she is as well, she’s just fun. She puts it out there. There’s like nothing to hide and she has fun with it. She likes destroying people’s lives.”

Well, with a name like The EVIL Queen I would think so too. I don’t mind her having her complexities (indeed, I would expect them) but if she’s not crushing lives one flashback at a time then we’ll have to rename her.

In all seriousness, it will be interesting to see what tonight’s episode brings. The sneak peek didn’t leave me choking on apples and I’m curious to see whether this show (dual worlds and all) has the potential to be seriable ever after…

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