ONCE UPON A TIME: 5 Most Magical Moments In 2011


There have been quite a few magical moments Once Upon A Time‘s 2011 run. But which have been the most magical, and why? Here’s our top 5 pick.

5. Rumpels Gets His Wand Out

“The Price Of Gold”: Rumpels interrupts Cinderella and her fairy godmother by blasting the latter to fairytale Come. The twisted fiend then proceeds to take her wand and make a deal with Cinders that would come back to bite her.

Why it’s magical?: It was a devilish twist on a well-known encounter, while obtaining the wand points towards Rumpels’ overarching quest for power.

4. The Evil Queen’s Curse

“Pilot”: The enactment of the Evil Queen’s curse froze fairytale land in time and whisked the characters to Storybrooke where most of them would forget who they really were.

Why it’s magical?: The curse the first big magical moment and the central conceit on which the story is based.

3. Tickety-Tick

“Pilot“: The hands of the town’s clock — frozen at  8:15 — tick once more, as Emma decides to stay in Storybrooke.

Why it’s magical?: Because it’s the moment that Emma ‘answers the call’ and a sign that she might be able to break the curse from which she Once escaped.

2. Regina Coffs Up Some Answers

That Still Small Voice“: Regina throws a glass shard down the ‘mysterious’ sinkhole.

Why it’s magical?: The shard is a piece of Snow White’s glass coffin from fairytale land and represents the first big piece of evidence that Regina has active knowledge of the curse, while pointing towards the location of the land that was. Also, seeing the shard drop down the mineshaft kind of represents the show going down the famed ‘rabbit hole’ where all mysteries lurk.

1. The Evil Queen Gets Her Crush On

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter“: To preserve the secret of her curse, Regina crushes the Huntsman’s heart (that she had been keeping in a draw for a rainy day), killing his Storybrooke counterpart Sheriff Graham.

Why it’s magical?: Evidence that Storybrooke characters can die in the ‘real world’, while illustrating the connection between the two realms.

What are your most magical Once moments from 2011?

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