NIKITA Season 4 Decision On Hold — Plus More CW Seriable News

Nikita'Episode 307a'Photo Credit: Sven Frenzel

AT today’s TCA, CW president Mark Pedowitz said that the network has yet to make a decision over a possible fourth season of the ratings-challenged Nikita.

For what it’s worth, Pedowitz said that he’s a “fan of the show” and that it’s performing on par with their expectations. While this certainly wont guarantee a fourth season, he pointed out that he’ll look to give Nikita and their other endangered shows satisfactory conclusions should they not move forward:

“I’m a big believer in giving fans a very satisfactory conclusion. It’s something that we as a television industry need to do.”

Supernatural is looking a stronger bet for renewal, with Pedowitz saying:

“We are pleased with how Wednesday night has worked out with Arrow and Supernatural. Creatively, the show is in a great place. There’s always a good shot that could happen.”

Pedowitz also confirmed:

  • The network has just received a new script for its Hunger Games-esque pilot The Selection, which is still in contention for fall.
  • The network is busy casting for its Wonder Woman origins pilot Amazon, but has yet to see a script.

Source: Hitfix | TV Line

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    • john says

      If you end nikita which i hope you dont, dont end it with a cliff hanger! Team sean & alex all the way!

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    • Bram says

      Omg i love nikita i am from the netherlands and i love it i am watching it on the dutch tv and also on the internet i love itttttttttttttttttttt pleasssssssss ia ma bagging you guys dont stop the serie

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    • Richard says

      Hi, there!

      I love the ‘Nikita’ series!
      I love all the characters, and how they lay it so very good!
      No heroes without villans, so I compliment Melinda Clarke for giving ‘Amanda’ so good contents.

      I’m looking forward to the fourth season!!!



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  1. Sweet girl says

    Nikita kick butt whole team rock hoping for season456…Never get tired of her.. love the mastermind and action

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  2. Peter G M says

    I love the show, but I ask myself, will we be watching Division hunting down one rough agent at a time and that will be the whole 4th season ??

    Dont know if thats what I want to see, however, with all the BS going on in this rotten world there should be lots of actions to play, North Korea, Afghan BS politicians and so on.

    Great show and I would love to see a 4th season IF the episodes will be worth it.

    Cheers all

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  3. Ashley A. says

    Please please please season 4!!!! I love this show so much! Its my favorite show of all time… Please another season!!! I am going to cry if there isn’t another!!!!

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  4. rac says

    Please continue Nikita. It has the best story lines and action on TV and Shane, Devon, Dillion, Noah, and Aaron!!!

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  5. Serdal says

    Please dont end must contiune,Nikita is my favorite show and it’s one of the most watched tv show in Turkey which it’s foreign show

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  6. erin says

    ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO A Niktia SHORT Finale season 4
    nikita is a great show to watch on cw

    I can not belive the cw canceled all of my favorite shows on the network so i am blaming them for what they did so I am not. Allowing the cw cancel anymore shows on the nextwork

    And hoping for a Nkita full season 4

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  7. Russel says

    Hoping for the fourth series … I’m watching it from Malta, EU and am so addicted and keeps getting better every episode :)

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  8. Trenda says

    I am team Nikita and Michael… Please please keep them together… I love the show.. Season 4 and 5 please … It is the best show on cw

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  9. Lucy says

    This is the best show on TV!!!!(well,at least on the CW)
    please just keep this show!!!!
    come on!there there are lots of fans stay home on Fri. just for watching Nikita , that means this show has its magic!!!!We need a full season 444444!

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  10. Dave says

    Loved original “La Femme Nikita”, love current “Nikita” series. That said, Division is over. Time to kill Amanda. “The Shop” seems over the top. Destroy or ignore. Good while it lasted, time to move on.

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  11. David Ouattara says

    please we want you to continu with the serie,I like it very very very much. I like wacthing the women called NIKITA in action

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