NIKITA: Season 3 Promo Kicks Some Super Spy Ass


On the heels of the first promotional photo for Nikita Season 3, comes a brand new promo packed with new footage. If you’re wondering where the story has left to go after last season seemed to bring many of the story threads and arcs to a close, the promo lays it out — “This is the new Division.. our job is to clean up the mess made by the old one.”

Check it out below:

The war against Division’s demons is led by Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean, “Damages”), a former CIA analyst whose life has been saved by Nikita. Fletcher made a deal with the President to keep Division running, with the understanding that it would be cleaned up quickly and quietly or else.

That won’t be easy with Amanda (Melinda Clarke, “The O.C.,” “The Vampire Diaries”) in the world. Formerly Division’s second-in-command, she manipulated her way into its top spot, just in time for Nikita to take her down. Amanda’s out for vengeance herself, and her ties to Nikita run deep. She taught her how to walk, talk – and how to kill. Nikita was her star pupil at Division, and Amanda is not done teaching her a lesson.

Nikita Season 3 Premieres Oct. 19 on the CW

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