NIKITA: Season 2 Finale Will Point Towards Season 3 Storyline, Says Producer


Nikita writer-producer Albert Kim has offered a tease for the Season 2 finale, which he claims will point towards a potential third season.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about this season’s upcoming finale, reportedly titled “Ending,” (though that may change) Kim Said:

“The finale will be satisfying and complete in itself [..] it’s a traditional cliffhanger where our heroes are trapped in a room with a bomb waiting and we go black.”

As many Nikita fans know, the ratings-challenged serial is facing a battle to return for a third season, but while the finale is said to be “satisfying and complete in itself,” Kim admits that the show will leave room for the story to continue in Season 3, should the CW renew:

“There will be threads that we will leave open that will point us in the direction of where season three might go.”

This is not surprising, particularly given the belief within the camp that two seasons of story is not enough to tell the complete Nikita arc. Of course, there will be those who would rather the show provide full closure in this season’s finale, given it’s ratings-situation, but others will want that element of continuation, just in case the story continues  — be it on the CW, or another format.

Maggie Q recently suggested the fate of the spy serial wont be known until the day before Upfronts:

But nobody knows until the day before Upfronts if we’re coming back. I don’t see why [The CW] wouldn’tbring it back for a third season, but if they didn’t we are going to go out with a bang.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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