NIKITA Looking Decent For Renewal, RINGER Not So Much (Reports)


Thursday saw the CW renew two of its seriable offerings, with Supernatural getting an 8th season and The Vampire Diaries securing a 4th chapter. But what of Nikita and Ringer?

According to Deadline Hollywood, the ratings-challenged Nikita has a decent chance of being renewed by the CW, with the serial’s strong international pull being a major factor. Maggie Q recently said that a third season is necessary to provide a satisfying conclusion to the story:

I think that for Nikita to really come to a place where these characters can turn over a new leaf and explore different sides, we would need a Season 3. I don’t think we can wrap up their journeys in just two seasons, but in threeand no more, we could.

The prospects are less positive for Ringer, however, with the show’s low ratings further complicated by the fact that Sarah Michelle Geller, who plays the show’s two central characters, is pregnant.

As you’d expect from a serial with hopes of renewal, the season finale left several stories in-play, with the second season aiming to deal with the consequences of events in the first, according to exec. producer Pam Veasey:

“The next season would rely on living in the present. If you think about the past season, it had a lot of back-story. The beauty of another season would be that we’d live in the present, only in the present. That’s the beauty of answering all the questions. All the secrets are out and past, and now it’s the consequences of both the lies and the truth.”

It wont be too long until we find out the fates of both shows — but bear in mind that until official word comes, it’s still up in the air. We’ll, of course, keep you updated.

Source: Deadline

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