NIKITA: Maggie Q Teases Cliffhanger, Season 3!


With just one episode left on Nikita‘s second season, Maggie Q teases what fans can expect from the May 18 finale, and where the story could go in Season 3.

On Nikita’s ‘unsustainable’ family unit and how that affects the final two episodes (the first of which aired May 11):

 As you know, that’s not totally sustainable, obviously. Going into [episode] 22, that’s when the unravel is going to start — not really with the team unit but with Nikita. She’s become sort of reckless in her want and need to just be done with Percy and Division and this fight and this ongoing thing. It just seemingly won’t ever end. So she’s making decisions that Birkhoff and Michael, and even Alex and Sean, are nervous about and Birkhoff and Michael are vocal about not wanting to do. But she’s pretty convinced that it’s going to take something pretty radical to bring this organization down. So she’s definitely not listening to anyone — not that she ever does. But she’s set on it. She is mad. She doesn’t want to continue on this path.

She obviously wants to kill Percy, which would make it done done. But with every solution there births a new problem, right? So for her it’s like, if this organization’s not down and people are not safe and protected from what would happen in the downfall of Division, then we’re not done. We can’t kill 200 people to be done. She doesn’t want to do it in that way. So because of her very particular morals and ethics, it becomes a lot more complicated than it could be. You could go in and mow the whole agency down. But there’s a lot of innocent people in there too.

On Percy’s end-game — will he go nuclear?:

He always has something up his sleeve. And the way that they’ve written Percy, the way that they developed him, was so smart. He always has the trick up his sleeve that no one would even think of. And by the way, what he’s really got going on, you’ve no idea. I had no idea. [Exec. producer Craig Silverstein] told me a little bit about what they were thinking, but I just thought, “God, that’s so incredibly complicated and cool, what he did.” And it is. In the end, you’re like, “Oh my God, are you kidding me!?” You can’t believe that it actually turns out the way he says that it does. It’s kind of amazing. The go-to would be that he’s building a nuke, he’s buying raw nuclear materials. We’ll see what happens, yeah.

On the inevitable Nikki/Percy face-off:

It’s been a long time coming. But you’re going to see a [new] Percy and Nikita dynamic… He puts her in a position where you have to see her working together with him, which it just so putrid and disgusting for her. She can either off him or help him, and only helping him will allow her to reach her goal. It’s so weird, you’re going to see them having each other’s back.”

On what else to expect from this season’s finale:

Big stuff, some stuff that I was actually fighting for. Some cool, big repelling stuff and some big falls and stuff like that. There will be loss at the end of the season, which is great because who doesn’t need that on a show? I think necessary loss, but I also think epic. Eagle Egilsson, who’s one of our directors — he’s our most visual director — he did the finale finale, 23. It felt like it took three weeks to shoot it, I have to tell you. And it is a very big episode for Nikita. But the way some of this stuff was shot, how clever it was done, how beautiful… The scale of 23 is ginormous. Like, I defy any of the big network shows to have this level of production value. We may be on The CW, but I’m telling you we’re rocking out on these finales. I’m so excited. I’m proud of it.

On the overarching theme of Season 2 and whether it ends on a big cliffhanger:

No, not a cliffhanger, but it definitely leaves on a big ‘wow’! I certainly don’t expect [viewers] to expect what happens in the end. You would never think it’s going to go the way it does… The overarching theme of Season 2 [was] “home,” and by the end we’ll understand what home is to her, what it isn’t, and how she’s come full circle in that way. It’s kind of beautiful, actually. We’re going to give people a little bit of hopefulness, but there’s also going to be a lot of shocker beforehand… It is cool what we do with [the end of this season]; the table is completely turned.

On where the story will go in Season 3:

I have to say, Craig has worked so, so hard in the last two years on this show — Craig and all the writers, obviously. But by the end of Season 2, he was like, “I don’t even want to talk about Season 3.” I thought he was going to vomit. He was so burnt — we’re all burnt. So we’ve talked prior to the Season 2 ending, where Season 3 would go and what was going to happen. And I was really happy about the way Season 2 was ending. Going into Season 3, it’s exciting because the way we’ve set it up at the end of Season 2, it can go anywhere. And like you’re saying, that fear of, will the group even make it — that fear is a big reality [in Season 3].

Catch the Nikita Season 2 finale, May 18 at 8pm on the CW.

Source: IGN | TV Line

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