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Time for a look of some of the Seriable tidbits doing the rounds. Including: News of Nikita‘s full season pick-up, an interview with The Walking Dead‘s Laurie Holden and Emma Bell, a Lone Star rebirth – of sorts (don’t get too excited Lone Star fans!), and news of a another sci-fi icon coming to Fringe.

Butt-kicking, sour-puss Nikita has been picked up for a full season by the CW. The series is CW’s second most-watched show with 3.6 million viewers — although many of those fall outside the network’s core 18-34 demo. Perhaps some Nikita tweaking can sort that out?

The US version of Torchwood comes to the Starz network this summer and EW have deets on two of the new characters and the actors in line to play them:

Rex Matheson is a sharp-as-nails, funny-as-hell, tough-as-rawhide CIA agent who cares less about making a good impression than he does making a lasting one. – apparently Dollhouse ‘Active’ Enver Gjokaj and One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray are both after the part.

Esther Katusi is a CIA Watch Analyst — in other words, a grunt — who, against all odds, has both an unshakable faith in human nature and a monster crush on Rex. – Greek‘s Amber Stevens is said to be leading the chase for the role.

The Walking Dead pair Laurie Holden and Emma Bell recently spoke to Mania about their roles on the upcoming zombie apocalypse series (mild spoilers):

Mania: One thing that Robert Kirkman said about the series is that he never wanted it to end. How do you feel about that in relationship to an ongoing TV series?

Laurie Holden: It is still going and I am very grateful because Andrea is still alive.

Emma Bell: Yep and she is one of the last original survivors.

Laurie Holden: I am very grateful for that.

Mania: As actresses that take over roles that exist in other mediums how do you find the balance between what they [audience] expect and where you want to take the character?

Emma Bell: Luckily for me, playing Amy, there wasn’t a lot about Amy in the comic book. I had a lot of creative leeway. I knew the fundamentals. I knew we [her and Andrea] had each other. They were sisters and that our parents knew we were on a road trip. We got taken in by Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn). That’s pretty much all I really knew about her so I got to build on that. What I found really interesting about Laurie and I, while we were shooting, is we were bonding as individuals as we were bonding as characters…

Laurie Holden: That we are the same person.

Emma Bell: We have a lot in common.

Laurie Holden: We have the same exact birthday.

Emma Bell: (smiles) Isn’t that weird? Anyway, that bond totally came out in our characters. Many people have said that when we are on camera and don’t have lines that we are those characters, Amy and Andrea. You build a foundation with one another and you just work on that.

Laurie Holden: For me, I had a lot of creative license because I think about how people know Andrea in the comic book and that is not how she is now. In the comic book she is in a cute little sweater, hanging out with her sister, and oh look I can shoot a gun. It is very happy and light. You know Andrea as this warrior and we are not to the warrior yet. There is this opportunity to explore the love of the sisters and some of her softer side. She has a lot of toughness to her. She is a strong entity but I was given a lot of creative latitude to make a full person.

You can read the entire interview here (spoilers at link).

Lone Star may be a blown star, but despite being canceled, series creator Kyle Killen will discuss his experience helming the show and where it all went wrong at the Austin Film Festival and Conference this Sunday:

“I’m as excited as I can be talking about a canceled show, [..] I would love to be at the festival under different circumstances. But I’m excited and bolstered by the enthusiasm on what the show did.”

But might we still see Lone Star back on our screens at some point? Killen hopes so, and revealed that he’s “talking to various cable outlets.”

Fringe‘s mad scientist will become a fanboy when Walter Bishop meets one of his heroes in the tenth episode of the third season. According to TV Guide, Doc Brown himself will play Walter’s musical idol when Christopher Lloyd guests in episode 3.10. According to Noble:

“We all know how much Walter loves music, right? Well this fellow was one of his icons,” explained John Noble. “He adored this man. So Walter gets to be a bit of a fanboy.”

Noble went on to explain how the casting exceeds his wildest dreams:

“It’s a beautiful role and such good casting, [..] When I read the script I thought ‘I hope hey get someone great.’ And Christopher Lloyd exceeds my expectations!”

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