Nikita Embraces The Evil In Her, Emerges A More Complex Individual


Sure, “Wrath” wasn’t absolutely integral to the overarching story, Percy could have obtained the endgame-device in a more arc-heavy installment, but there was so much to like about this intense episode of Nikita, not least witnessing Nikita and Michael move to a new level of trust and acceptance.

The notion that Nikki has evil in her was a fascinating exploration, made all the more convincing by Nikki’s eventual acceptance of her murky side. Not many shows do that to their protagonists, which is why a lot of shows are contrived in this area; presenting human beings as either good or bad when people exist somewhere in the grey, a mixture of the two. (this isn’t to undermine ‘goodness,’ by the way, but please telebox, don’t contrive the issue).

Nikki rationalized her lil’ bit of evil as needing to exist because there are ‘monsters out there,’ becoming a monster herself — or, rather, tapping into that side of her being — in order to vanquish those who have far less compassion for others than she does, as illustrated in her insanely intense battle with Nicholas Brandt (aka her inner monster).

This further presents Nikki as an increasingly complex character — someone who has to work so very hard to keep herself in check, to stay fighting on the side of the angels, as they say. Because of this honesty, it makes you want to pull for Nikki, and it makes Michael’s acceptance of her, all of her, including his desire for her to accept herself, all the more endearing. Hey, I’m no shipper, but that strikes me as an expression of genuine love.

Again, this storyline wasn’t completely necessary, but it wasn’t completely out of left field either — the question of Nikki’s origins with the whole ‘Division’ metaphor raised by Carla, along with the Cassandra complications, meant that this part of Nikita’s character was there to be examined. All the better that it managed to facilitate Percy’s endgame, while also developing Sean’s fire. Admittedly, the weight of his mother’s death was undercut and squashed, but Nikita has earned a few oversights (heh) this season, so I’ll look the other way.

It’s great when a serial like Homeland, for example, just explodes right out of the gate. But equally, it’s very satisfying to see a serial grow into itself and improve, as Nikita has done. If this should be the final chapter, then it will be one heck of a loss. #oneofthebestshowsontv.

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  1. chrispatt86 says

    Nikita is one of the best shows on air right now, i have no doubt about it. All we saw on this episode put thinks up for a very good serie of episodes untill the finale. Can’t wait to see what happens. By the way i like more every day the Alex – Sean team too. Hope Nikita gets a season 3 because they really diserve it.

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  2. Page 48 says

    Nikki’s lil’ bit of evil will pale in comparison to the evil exhibited by the CW if they don’t bring “Nikita” back for a 3rd season.

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