Next Time On GAME OF THRONES.. Episode 1.03 Promo

HBO has uploaded the promo for the next episode of Game Of Thrones, “Lord Snow”, airing┬áSunday, May 1st at 9pm.

Check it out right after the jump.


  1. Bobibblesackin says

    This show is so good it hurts. Week to week it get better and better. I cant wait until the character relationships have be well built in a few more episodes to see where the story takes us!

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  2. joey says

    Awesome, can’t wait. I’ve read the books, but the series is incredible to watch.

    Honestly, probably the first time a book translated to the screen has had as much appeal as the books themselves have.

    Luckily, I read the books several years ago (Minus the last one), so I’ve forgotten the step by step progress of the story. So when I watch the series it’s like being reminded of an old friend.

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