SDCC: Noah Wyle On FALLING SKIES Mythology & 13 Teasing Teasers

Noah Wyle (Tom Mason) says the second half of Fallies Skies is about “identifying some of the vulnerability in the aliens and turning the tables”. As for Season 2? He’s hoping for the “continuation of both our mythology in terms of the science fiction aspects and our character development,” which sounds […]


FALLING SKIES: Sanctuary Part 2 – Promo Photos

After the soul-selling move by Clayton and with Pope back in play – what can we expect from tonight’s continuation of Falling Skies? To get a picture of what’s cooking, take a look at these fresh promotional images for “Sanctuary Part 2″.

FALLING SKIES: A Look Ahead To Sanctuary Part 2

With things not being as they seemed down at the ol’ sanctuary, Tom and Hal have to take matters into his own hands in this Sunday’s continuation of the Falling Skies two-parter. We’ve had several promos and sneak peeks already this week, but get another sample of what’s coming up in “Sanctuary […]


COMIC-CON 2011 Seriable TV Guide

With a whopping 24 Seriable TV series descending on Comic-Con between July 20-24, you’re going to need something to keep those dates and times straight. Enter the Seriable TV Comic-Con 2011 Guide – detailing the times, dates, destinations and activities of your favorite Seriable TV shows in San Diego this […]

Falling Skies - 1.06 "Sanctuary Part 1" Review

FALLING SKIES: 1.06 Sanctuary Part 1 – REVIEW

Seriable’s Robert L. Reviews Falling Skies 1.06 – “Sanctuary Part 1″ It’s finally happened: I’ve lost my patience for the mistakes this show has made time and again. This doesn’t happen easily for me. I’ve stayed with shows such as V until the very end, despite the numerous problems they […]

FALLING SKIES: 1.07 Sanctuary Part 2 Promo

Falling Skies continues Sunday on TNT with the follow-up to the two-parter, “Sanctuary”. Head past the jump get a look at what the overarching story has in store.

Falling Skies

Seriable Ratings: FALLING SKIES 1.06 Sanctuary Part 1

Here’s what happened: Lt. Terry Clayton of the 7th Mass arrives at the high school with disturbing news that Skitters and Mechs are on their way to attack the 2nd Mass in retaliation for their breakout of the children. Clayton has a plan to lead the children to safety while […]

FALLING SKIES: See Why Anne’s Glass Is Half Full – Sneak Peek

The  Skitters and Mechs aren’t the only problems facing our survivors in this Sunday’s Falling Skies. Head past the jump to see Anne come up against a more familiar threat in this all-new “Sanctuary Part 1″ sneak peek. Also contains spoilers for upcoming episodes.


FALLING SKIES: Will John Pope Have His Revenge On Maggie?

Remember when Maggie (Sarah Carter) killed John Pope‘s brother to help the survivors escape and secure her own freedom? Apparently Pope (wherever he is) hasn’t forgotten either. Head past the jump to see what Falling Skies‘ Colin Cunningham had to say on the matter. Mild spoilers follow.