ALPHAS: 1.09 Blind Spot — Promo

Alphas returns in two weeks with “Blind Spot,” guest starring LOST alum Rebecca Mader and Star Trek‘s Brent Spiner. Take a look at the promo below.

Alphas 1.08 "A Short Time In Paradise" Review

ALPHAS: 1.08 A Short Time In Paradise — REVIEW

Seriable’s Robert L. reviews Alphas 1.08 — A Short Time In Paradise. “A Short Time in Paradise,” indeed.  While the title is fitting enough for the story, it also describes the enjoyability of this week’s episode.  Apart from a few shining moments, it falls completely flat.


ALPHAS: 1.08 A Short Time In Paradise

1.08 “A Short Time In Paradise“: Cameron and Nina both fall under the influence of a cult leader who can make his victims see visions of Heaven… and Hell.

Alphas 1.07 "Catch And Release" -- Review

ALPHAS: 1.07 Catch and Release — REVIEW

Seriable’s Robert L. reviews Alphas 1.07 — Catch And Release. We start the episode off with Summar Glau as stoned as ever … Okay, maybe that’s not fair.  From my perspective, she generally plays characters who are supposed to be “emotionless,” a difficult feat.  A difficult feat for the reason […]


ALPHAS: 1.07 Catch And Release

1.07 “Catch And Release“: A young Alpha with the ability to create powerful inventions from common items goes missing, and Rosen and his team are called upon to find her… and protect her..