Torchwood Casting: Lauren Ambrose Has A ‘Miracle Day’

Lauren Ambrose is joining the cast of Torchwood: Miracle Day. As reported by EW, The Six Feet Under star will play Jilly Kitzinger: “a sweet-talking PR genius with a heart of stone who’s just cornered the most important client of her career … and maybe of all time.” I’m guessing the […]


Torchwood ‘Miracle Day’: What Happens When Death’s Door Slams Shut?

The new series of Torchwood, airing on the BBC and Starz this summer, will be called Miracle Day – as opposed to the placeholder title, The New World. After the success of the highly serialized ‘Children Of Earth’, creator Russell T. Davies opens the door on a new chapter in the […]


Seriable Bites: Lost Fans Win Lottery Using Hurley’s ‘Cursed’ Numbers

Sometimes we all need our serialized and mythology television in smaller, bite-sized, doses. Here’s today’s freshly cooked Seriable Bites, including: Lost, Buffy, and Torchwood. Was it destiny? In a case of life imitates art, Lost fans playing the infamous ‘cursed’ numbers belonging to Hugo Reyes each shared $150 in Tuesday’s Mega […]


11 TV Mythologies We’re Most Looking Forward to Exploring in 2011

The year ahead is bursting with all sorts of crazy-delicious mythology, including: aliens, zombies, Time Lords, time-travel, First People, superheroes, and yep, you guessed it – mysterious islands! Head past the jump to find out which TV mythologies we’re most looking forward to exploring in 2011.


Casting: Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pullman Join Torchwood Series 4

Interesting casting news coming out of Torchwood: The New World. Mekhi Phifer (Lie To Me) and Bill Pullman (Independance Day) have joined the upcoming series as regulars. Phifer and Pullman will fill two roles which have had us intrigued for some time. Pullman’s casting is particularly interesting as he’s set […]


Serialized Bites: Whedon’s Buffy Pass, Doctor Who Special, Walking Dead High

Sometimes we all need our serialized television in smaller, bite-sized, doses. Here’s today’s freshly cooked Serialized Bites, including: Joss Whedon, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and Torchwood news. So apparently, after all the brouhaha, it turns out Joss Whedon had first dibs at the Buffy reboot after all. I’m not saying […]


Torchwood: Russell T. Davies Talks Series 4 Newbies

Torchwood returns next year with an internationally geared series as the show lands on Starz. Details surrounding the project have been top-secret, although we do already know a few bits and pieces on some of the new characters. Now in an interview with IGN, executive producer Russell T. Davies revealed a […]


Torchwood New World Will Introduce Controversial New Character

We know about two of the new characters being inducted into the Torchwood universe next year, but the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine reveals that two more intriguing characters will be thrown into the ‘New World’ mix. Do not follow the jump if you don’t want to know anything about […]