John Barrowman calls the upcoming Torchwood: Miracle Day series, “a great collaborative effort” between the BBC and Starz. Barrowman, who portrays Captain Jack Harkness on the show, provides additional perspective on the structure of the new season – pointing to an intriguing overarching story with smaller stories that branch out. […]

TORCHWOOD: Simple Premise Creates ‘Mind-Blowing’ Consequences

Cap’n Jack himself, John Barrowman, talks to Access Hollywood about the “mind-blowing” new series of Torchwood: Miracle Day. Barrowman highlights the continuation of a  journey as one reason why the new series will appeal to fans: “It picks up where it left off, and you can still follow along with […]


Perfect TORCHWOOD Miracle Day Teaser!

Starz has released the first teaser trailer for the new series of Torchwood: Miracle Day. I’m really digging the concept behind the one. Check it out right after the jump!


It’s The Bomb: Torchwood ‘Miracle Day’ Gets Premiere Date and Poster

What would happen if no-one on Earth died. If the old stayed old? What would happen to the human population? How would humanity, and Torchwood, handle the situation? That’s the simple yet intriguing question at the root of the new Torchwood series, “Miracle Day”. Above is the first promotional poster […]


Russell T. Davies Talks ‘Urban Thriller’ Torchwood: Miracle Day and Doctor Who

We’re eagerly awaiting the new Torchwood chapter – ‘Miracle Day’, and today we’re pleased to share a little update from Russell T. Davies. The writer and producer spoke to BBC Wales about what viewers can expect from the Starz and BBC co-produced series and also gave a few thoughts on his former show, Doctor […]