Homeland Season 4: Next Phase In Carrie’s Arc Could Span Two Seasons

Showtime has revealed further details for Homeland Season 4. Following EP Howard Gordon‘s claim that Carrie’s pregnancy will play into the spy drama’s fourth season, Showtime president David Nevins has provided some more context for what the future holds. While reiterating “the likely plan for next year is you will […]


Homeland Season 4 Details: Carrie’s Pregnancy To ‘Play Into It’

Homeland executive producer Howard Gordon has shed more light on the direction of Season 4. Despite the third season wrapping up most of the active storylines, culminating in the demise of Nicholas Bordy, Gordon doesn’t believe a complete reboot of the series will be in order, as he informed Zap2It […]

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Seriable’s 10 Best Serialized TV Shows of 2013

It’s been another golden year of serialized television which has seen the continued rise of long-form storytelling, not just putting to bed claims that serial is dead but tucking them in with a bedtime story and bottle of warm milk. One of the most pleasing aspects of 2013 has been […]


Serialized TV Show of the Month – December 2013

Welcome to the December 2013 Seriable of the Month Awards (SotMA)! Each month we select 10 of the most outstanding/addictive/improved serialized TV shows out there, and cram them into a poll for you, the seriable reader, to vote for your favorite. Top 10 Criteria Only Seriable TV Shows are eligible, […]


Seriable Awards: Best & Most Disappointing Serialized TV Shows 2013 – Results

Throughout December, serialized TV viewers voted for their best and most disappointing serialized TV shows of 2013. The results are in.. Results: Best Serialized TV Show 2013 Fringe may have departed last January but it remained at the forefront of voters’ minds, topping the Best Serialized TV Show 2013 poll, […]


According to Jim: 13 Best Serialized TV Shows of 2013

Hello, everyone! As another great year of serialized television has come to an end, I thought I’d look back at some of my favorite seriables of the past 12 months. Think of this as a precursor to our official Seriable.com list that we’ll shortly be releasing. Those of you who […]


Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad Most Pirated Shows In 2013, Plus 5 Other Serials

Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad are the most pirated shows of 2013 with 5.9 million and 4.2 million illegal BitTorrent downloads, respectively. Completing the top ten from a fully serialized perspective: The Walking Dead, Dexter, Homeland, Vikings and Arrow, according to TorrentFreak: 1. Game of Thrones (5.9 million) 2. […]


Seriable Awards: Best & Most Disappointing Serialized TV Show 2013 – Voting

Voting is now open for the Seriable.com Awards 2013, giving you the chance to vote for the best and most disappointing serialized TV shows from the past 12 months! Your nominations have been counted and the seriables with the most nominations in both the ‘best’ and ‘most disappointing’ categories have […]


Homeland Victim Reflects On Death; Why It Was Necessary

Warning: Spoilers from the Homeland Season 3 finale if you’ve yet to watch the episode. Continue at own risk. – – – – – – Homeland‘s Damian Lewis has reflected on the death of Nicholas Brody; filming that final suffocating scene; and why killing one half of the show’s original […]

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Homeland: 3.12 The Star – Review & Serial Verdict

Homeland‘s third season came to what you might call a ‘game-changing’ conclusion with “The Star,” but did it live up to serialized expectations, and where does it leave us going into Season 4? KEY DEVELOPMENTS Main developments that brought the story/characters along to a new place / deepened our understanding […]


Homeland Boss Defends Controversial Exit, Teases Season 4 Game Plan

Warning: the following story contains major spoilers from the Homeland Season 3 finale, “The Star”. Continue reading at your own discretion. – – – – – – – – In the aftermath of Homeland‘s record-breaking Season 3 finale, executive producer Alex Gansa has defended the decision to kill Brody and […]