Netflix In Talks To Revive JERICHO


Well, here’s some absolutely NUTS news: Netflix is in negotiations with CBS to bring back Jericho.

The post-apocalyptic serial, which starred Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James, followed the residents of a small Kansas town in their struggles survive a nuclear attack.

According to TV Guide, the streaming giant has eyes on reviving the cult series in a similar vein to Arrested Development, which is earmarked for a 10-episode comeback on Netflix in 2013. Their interest in Jericho is said to be driven by the show’s popularity on their on-demand service.

CBS canceled Jericho in 2007 citing low-ratings, only to bring it back for a second season following a peanut-fueled fan campaign. However, the show was again put to the sword after the 7-episode return.

The thought of Jericho receiving a third season on a medium that complements serialized narrative is exciting, but talks are only at a preliminary stage and there are many challenges ahead, including making it financially viable for both Netflix and CBS, and rounding up the cast — many of whom are working on other projects.

Netflix were reportedly circling ABC’s yet-to-be-officially-canceled The River, though they slammed the breaks on bringing FOX’s Terra Nova back for a second season. I wondered whether they might be tempted by Alcatraz (now that Fringe is claimed) should FOX not renew the mystery drama.

Of course, there’s only so much they could finance next season, but one thing is for sure, they are actively pursuing serialized drama, which makes things very interesting.

Are you a Jericho fan? Would you like to see it return on Netflix?

Source: TV Guide

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  1. Pancakes says

    This seems to be said about a lot of shows these days. I wish they wouldn’t let word get out so much until things were a bit more solid. I am glad they’re putting this effort into so many shows though
    That said, I do really hope this is true. I actually just watched Jericho on Netflix a few weeks ago, and loved it. If they can get the cast back for another batch of episodes, I think it’d be great to give the show a more conclusive ending.

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  2. Walternate says

    YES! YES! YES! It’s such a great series! I hope the cast is willing to go through with it!

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  3. Jeffrey says

    Jericho was a very enjoyable serialized storyline that was rushed off the airwaves too soon. It was great that CBS did pick them up for a second “final” season, but there are most definite strings left to continue. Netflix for a new home is a great idea if it can be worked out!

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  4. says

    There would be many shows I would want before Jericho but why not – as long as they get the cast back. I don’t want recasts because it spoils what went on before.

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  5. Lisa B says

    They did not leave Jericho on long enough, to get attention. I think had a hit on there hands, if they had of stuck with the shoe. Love the show. To bring it back, they need to have the original cast to make it work. Come on guys, wake up, great show.

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  6. Andrea says

    Please do the deal Netflix! We’re getting very vocal and there is a recent uproar on Twitter for Jericho’s return. #JerichoOnNetflix We may be small but we’re spreading the word and people are coming out of the woodwork in support! We love the show, love the cast and will support Netflix in any way we can! :)

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  7. Jacob says

    FUCK YES! I watched the whole series 2 times now, and I really really want season 3! I really really hope it is true!

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  8. George says

    Yes just finished watching season 2 and wanted more looking forward to season 3!!! i will keep my fingers cross!! come back!! Go Netflix!!!!

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  9. barbara says

    Please bring Jericho back. It was well done and it’s only because the 1st 2 or 3 episodes were not as engaging as for other mini series. But this is my favorite along with House of Cards and Breaking Bad.
    Please bring it back. Thanks

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