NBC To Strangle The Cape with His Own Cape..Online

The Cape has been struggling in the ratings for a while now, and last Monday’s episode could well be the last to air on NBC. At least on our television screens. NBC had previous cut the first season oder down from 13 to 10 episodes, and now a tiny notice on the official site suggests that they plan to air the tenth and final episode of season 1 online, although no official date is given:

The creators of The Cape are prepping an exclusive episode just for online fans! Keep watching this site in the days ahead to see a full-length special episode.

They’re calling it a “special episode”. Special because it’s the last. This tells you all you need to know about how satisfied they are with the show’s ratings performance and prospects.

Will you be sad to see the back of The Cape? Do you think it could have returned stronger with a second season?

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  1. Page 48 says

    I wanted to like this one, but I only made it through 3 or 4 episodes and even they weren’t easy. I don’t think I’ll invest the bandwidth in the online farewell.

    Will Summer Glau EVER find a gig that lasts more than her T:TSCC’s 31 episode run?

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    • says

      Bang on. I like to give serialized/mythology shows at least 10 episodes, but Cape’s first couple were a struggle for me, and the rest..well, it never really recovered.

      Shame, as I thought it could be my guilty pleasure for 2011. I’ll watch the final episode just in case there’s anything interesting to report, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  2. psychopathicROC says

    so lame.. they cancel Heroes, only to replace it with failing drivel like The Cape and The Event, while the competitors are also failing with Heroes Lite, err i mean No Ordinary Cliche. Woulda been better off just leaving things alone…

    Damn i miss the old Heroes/Journeyman block.

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    • says

      I do think “Heroes” was past it’s sell by date, but “The Cape” wasn’t the answer either, as it turned out. It would be interesting to know how many “Heroes” fans took to TC?

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      • Page 48 says

        I walked away from both, without regrets. But I must say I did make it to early S3 of “Heroes” before pulling the plug. By that time, I’d had it up to here with the Petrelli clan and just simply the fact that everyone on the planet had ‘abilities’ coming out the wazoo. Turns out my ‘ability’ was to stop watching.

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  3. says

    “By that time, I’d had it up to here with the Petrelli clan and just simply the fact that everyone on the planet had ‘abilities’ coming out the wazoo.”

    Ain’t that the truth! The story unraveled very quickly, it’s amazing really.

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