Seriable Sunday Round-up: Terra Nova, Fringe, The Cape

Like the shows we embrace, Seriable is part of an interconnected series of stories (or websites) that make up a bigger whole. Each week we’ll bring you a taste on what is going on elsewhere in the extended worlds of Seriable. Terra Novable on the four things they learned from the […]

David Lyons On The Mythology Of The Cape’s Cape

With The Cape – NBC’s new superhero series – premiering tonight, one of the aspects that has me intrigued is the cape itself. Or rather, the mythology behind it. In a recent interview Cape actor David Lyons spoke about the mythology of Vince Faraday’s cape, and touched on something that […]

The Descent

Seriable Pictures: Smallville, Diaries, The Killing, Falling Skies, Nikita, The Cape

Seriable Pictures is a weekly round-up of the promotional photos from your favorite serialized and mythology TV shows released in the past week. Released in the past week were promotional photos for upcoming seasons/episodes of: Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, The Killing, Falling Skies, Nikita, The Cape, Supernatural, and Being Human (UK).


First-Look: The Cape Opening Title Sequence

It’s become popular for shows to release their opening title sequence prior to series launch – and when you have Bear McCreary doing the musical composition you’d be right to be confident of piquing some more early interest. And so it is that The Cape‘s opening credits are out in […]

Seriable Previews

Seriable Previews: The Visitors – Being Human (UK) – The Cape

Seriable Previews: Promos and teasers released in the past week, previewing your favorite serialized and mythology TV shows for the coming weeks. Head past the jump for promos, previews and teasers for upcoming seasons/episodes of V, Being Human, and The Cape.


11 TV Mythologies We’re Most Looking Forward to Exploring in 2011

The year ahead is bursting with all sorts of crazy-delicious mythology, including: aliens, zombies, Time Lords, time-travel, First People, superheroes, and yep, you guessed it – mysterious islands! Head past the jump to find out which TV mythologies we’re most looking forward to exploring in 2011.