AWAKE: Season 1 Cast Photos

Awake doesn’t stir until midseason on NBC, but you can get a look at the show’s cast photos below the jump.


AWAKE To The Divergent Realities Of NBC’s Midseason Puzzle

One of the year’s most intriguing series pick-up’s is the NBC midseason drama Awake. Drawing parallels with the blockbuster movie Inception due to its reality-blurring premise, Awake explores grief and life via the complicated coping mechanisms constructed by Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs). Those worried by the show’s seemingly procedural core can take some […]


SDCC: Reality Blurs For Much Anticipated AWAKE – VIDEOS

One of the most eagerly anticipated shows on our 2012 calendar is Awake – the new reality-melding series from creator Kyle Killen (Lone Star), exec producer Howard Gordon (24), and starring Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) as Det. Michael Britten. Speaking at Comic-Con, the trio discussed some of the aspects relating […]


COMIC-CON 2011 Seriable TV Guide

With a whopping 24 Seriable TV series descending on Comic-Con between July 20-24, you’re going to need something to keep those dates and times straight. Enter the Seriable TV Comic-Con 2011 Guide – detailing the times, dates, destinations and activities of your favorite Seriable TV shows in San Diego this […]