MERLIN: Series 6 Talks Confirmed


The fifth series of Merlin may still be in production, but talks over a sixth series are already underway, according to the latest reports.

While no decision has been made on a sixth series of Merlin, co-creator Julian Murphy has confirmed “talk” of the series continuing beyond the upcoming 13-episode fifth series:

“No final decision has been made but there is talk. I don’t think it will be resolved immediately…You’ll have to wait and see on that one!”

Last year, producer Johnny Caps suggested a sixth chapter would largely depend on the audience’s appetite for the fantasy series:

“[The plan isn’t to end with series 5]. To us, it’s all about whether the audience carries on enjoying it. If the audience carries on enjoying it, and we carry on enjoying making it, then we’ll keep making it.”

Source: CultBox

UPDATE: The BBC has since announced that Merlin Series 5 will be the last in the show’s run

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  1. Underseer says

    Roco, any idea on the season 5 start date?

    Also very interesting to note that the season 4 finale had over 8 million UK viewers – its viewership in the UK is increasing, up 1 million from its season 1 première.

    Yet in the USA its viewership has declined, and thus was booted from NBC to the godawful, wrestlemania infested SyFy channel.

    What conclusions should we draw from this, do you think?

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    • says

      @Underseer — no exact date for series 5 just yet, but it’s set to premiere sometime this fall on the BBC.

      That’s very interesting. It’s something I’ll give some more thought to, but I will say that Syfy probably isn’t ideal network for Merlin. What are your thoughts?

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      • Underseer says

        Well Merlin was on NBC first but then as far as I can tell was farmed out to SyFy due to falling ratings. So I’m not sure if SyFy isn’t responsible for the initial decline.

        I think the reasons for the disparity may be numerous. But I’d say the most obvious and easy conclusions is that the UK market is far less competitive or saturated with a constant deluge of new content. Also perhaps the fact that it’s a British program may be a factor.

        I could speculate about an insidious cultural conditioning to want the shiny and the new and discard the ‘old’ at an exponential rate, but I’m interested in what other people think the cause is, rather than getting on my soapbox (too much) 😉

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        • April Clemett says

          As a HUGE HUGE HUGE merlin fan (Bradley James and Colin Morgan especially ) I can’t except that the Merlin series will not continue especially as merlin has only just told artur he has magic (BUMMER) :) but after the great dragon said ‘ when Camelot is in need the once and futer king will return’ or something like that I assumed the series would continue xx thnx though the whole production WAS AWESOME and I still watch all the episodes on DVD x

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          • Charlotte Waugh says

            I know right! I’ve been watching the series since I wasw a little kid, I was always hoping for Arthur to make a perfect world, Albian with Merlin. I was kinda hoping for Merlin to admit his magic once he trusted Arthur enough. Watched all the series a billion times, it can’t stop so suddenly like this! :'(

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    • Maria says

      Perhaps a different problem than those mentioned… a US viewer might never watch Merlin on TV because it first comes out in the UK and is available online that same night. Such ready availability might make it hard for many avid fans to withstand the wait for it to hit TV.

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      • geokatgrl says

        I’ve watched all the way through season 4 on Netflix. Is there somewhere that a viewer in the US can see season 5? I’ve searched the internet with no results, and I’m dying to see season 5!

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      • Tara says

        Just wanted to let you know you can watch Merlin season 5 on a site called Solar or

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      • Joy says

        I agree Maria. In Canada we watch Merlin on the Space Channel. Merlin was the only thing we watched in a whole tier of special programming. Once I realized that we could watch Merlin online, I canceled that extra package to save money, but we certainly didn’t stop watching, in fact, we probably watch it more now that we can see any episode we want at any time.

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        • Charlotte Waugh says

          It must be tough for countries other than the UK. :) I am a British, so its pretty easy to watch stuff like this, but I’ve always felt sympathy for the others such as the US or Canada. Sorry for this guys!

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      • Rosalee says

        Well, Merlin has started on Syfy on Friday’s at 9:00pm in Minnesota January 4th so if you can watch channel 54 at 9:00pm, you’re all set.

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    • BBC Hater says

      Why did you have to go and end one of the best tv shows on the air, I looked forward to seeing it every week. This is a big steamy pile of crap, you need to bring it back or atleast another station should pick it up, would make a great addition to any network’s programing.

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    • Mackie says

      Good grief, if the success of a great British TV series is going to depend on American audiences, we’ll all end up watching crap like Dallas and Psych. Come on, BBC, don’t cater to the base instincts of the average American viewer. Americans are happily turning their brains to mush…sex, sex and violence, sex and “comedy,” sex and the supernatural, sex and and betrayal, sex…well, you get the picture. Come on, BBC, show us there’s still a bit of quality left for the rest of us! — An American fed up with American television.

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    • Jen says

      I hope they bring Merlin back with the same Casting crew! Merlin is One of my most Favorite Shows! I hated the Ending, to come all that way just to die right on the edge of the Lake that was supposed to heal his wound! I noticed Merlin didn’t Burn the Boat as Arthur floated out! Bring in Season 6 where somehow he made contact with the Water and it slowly healed him and he came back to Camelot to find Merlin gone and set out to find him! And bump into a fully healed and stronger then ever Morgona who crawled her way to the lake after Merlin stabbed her thinking he Killed her!

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  2. Mel says

    I think the issue in the US is that the writing is not very good. They’ve burned Morgana’s character far too fast and then took it far too far. They’ve made her so evil that it is nearly impossible for her ever to find redemption. It’s not even believable at this point for American viewers. Katie is not the best actress either, watching her transition into evil has been a struggle for her. The character is completely one dimensional, the upcoming season 5 will now be the third series in a row where Merlin knows someone is bad, Arthur is ignorant and Morgana tries to take over the throne. The pretty actress who only exists and has her job because she’s pretty doesn’t fly in the US and her entire story line has become very boring.

    There were many more adventures, many other bad guys but in a quest to keep Katie as a major player in the series they’ve all but destroyed it. Merlin has been hampered and the series should be called Arthur at this point.

    Merlin could have been something amazing, transformed into movies and more especially in the US. I’d dare even say what they had and especially with the relationship and chemistry between Arthur and Merlin and opportunity to create something that would be close to the Harry Potter type of following in the US. The writers have gone so far left field in series 4 that it’s almost inevitable the show will jump the shark in series 5.

    It’s a shame that the writers felt the need to tank the entire series to accommodate and inflate Morgana’s role in the time period they are supposed to be portraying. Short of having her sit out a season and let her come back at a later date it’s just too much. The return of Mordred right now is boring, especially finding out he’ll be a knight, making Morgana get some of her powers from the dragons and all the other ways they seem to be reducing Merlin’s role, power and influence is just a mess. Merlin is the title character and the least developed. American’s want nothing to do with it. Series 5 will need a miracle and from the spoilers that have already been released it’s becoming obvious not even Merlin’s magic can save it.

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    • Angela says

      Mel, please stick to speaking for yourself and not on behalf of all Americans. I am an american and absolutly love Merlin and S5 so far. Loved every season equally, and Morgana is a fantastic villain. There’s plenty of amazing stuff to come and I hope there is going to be a Season 6 and beyond. I will watch as long as this show is on the air.

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      • says

        Hi Angela, I agree with you because I too is an American viewer of Merlin I love it I have been watching Merlin ever since the beginning of it and I love it all the way and I would love to see season 6 and much more. Every seasonings were well played out. Please I want more Merlin.

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    • UKMatt says

      Nice to see some of you Americans enjoying the show and allowing us to show you some of our legends. I for one love the show and have watched it from the beginning. I do agree that Series 4 went a bit off in places but Series 5 has already started to show promise. We could get the writers to totally change lengends and history and get rid of Mordred altogether if that fits with you better Mel, I understand that is how some US writers do it!!! Or if you want we could farm out some of our other shows to you and you could see some truly hideous writing, oh hang on most of our shows are from the US anyway!! As per Angela’s comment I agree Morgana is a fantastic villain and they could still build on her character. I would say Merlin hasn’t been developed yet due to the fact the next natural development would be his big reveal, and until that happens there is very little the writers can do.
      At the end of the day you either love it or hate it, if you hate it don’t watch it.

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      • Janice says

        I remember seeing advertisement for Merlin when it was on NBC but actually didn’t start watching until I saw a rerun episode of season 2 about a month ago on the BBC channel and got interested. I started recording it then found it on Netflix and started watching from the beginning. I got so hooked that I started looking up more information about the show, the characters and when season 5 would start. I was so heartbroken when I found out that season 5 would be the last. Please, please don’t go. I am from the US and I don’t care what network I have to watch it on, I need it. Arthur and Merlin really click. The chemistry is impeccable and could go a long way. Please reconsider.

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      • Lucinda says

        I absolutely love love love this show i just finished season 5 and i cried like a baby.. i watch them on letmewatchthis and it ends at s5 e13 will there be a season 6? they all play the perfect part.. im glad mordrid is no more.

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        • Charlotte says

          Lol! Same! Never thought I could cry that hard… Thank God Mordred’s gone… And Morgana

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      • Lucinda says

        I absolutely love love love this show i just finished season 5 and i cried like a baby arthur cant die .. i watch them on letmewatchthis and it ends at s5 e13 will there be a season 6? they all play the perfect part.. im glad mordrid is no more. BUT PLZ PLZ PLZ make more seasons……

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    • Sam says

      Mel please note that at least BBC knows how to create great shows such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Merlin. Unlike the stupid shows as Camelot and Elementary that US channels trying to create. Sorry to me those are totally a rip off.

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      • Nyarlathotep says

        Really, you should try and do some actual research before calling something a “ripoff”. The US was actually the FIRST to do a contemporary version of Sherlock Holmes, and Steven Moffat does nothing -but- ripoff other peoples ideas and storylines. Also, the likes of Merlin, Dr who and Sherlock and the US shows are all in the same ilk of cheesy mindless pop-culture entertainment (note : there is nothing wrong with this at all), so arguing that some are better than others is pretty pointless.

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    • Lady Rose says

      I agree with Angela. Speak for yourself. My family and I just recently found out Season Four had FINALLY come to Netflix, and we watched the entire season over Thanksgiving.
      I’m not sure how you can criticize the series as an American, since there are plenty of dumb American shows like The Walking Dead and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I think that Americans have simply lost appreciation for what makes good entertainment, like beautiful faces, creative retellings of popular tales, a mix of drama and humor, and a general good chemistry between actors, all of which Merlin has.
      Also, all of the characters (with the exception of maybe Gwen) have experienced a lot of development over the series, precisely to show viewers how each character feels. In an interview, Katie McGrath said that she even understood where Morgana was coming from, which helps her play the character. Also, Madonna loves Katie, so that should be good enough for you. Morgana happens to be my favorite character, and Katie’s done a wonderful job playing her charming wild side and her evil wild side. I can’t say the same for you.

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    • carol says

      im an American and i apologize to you all for Mel as he is nothing but a mouth galloping idiot!
      i love Merlin! Mel,,,,dont you understand that all the decisions that Merlin has made has tragic consequences and we wont have a show without his character.
      i love most BBC shows… they have stories that are way smarter than American tv shows.

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  3. xenobia says

    I don’t care what anyone else has said here…I LOVE Merlin!!!!! Please please please bring on many more seasons as I can’t wait to see new episodes (and I am American!) Merlin is my absolute favorite TV show as we have nothing else that is anything like it. Get to rehearsals guys! We love you :-)

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  4. says

    I love merlin! but I do agree massively with one point that ‘mel’ wrote above. THE SHOW MIGHT AS WELL BE CALLED ARTHUR!!! arghh am I the only one desperate for more merlin central episodes. I feel like since series 2 we’ve not had any personal storylines for him (series 2 I’m thinking finding his long lost father and falling in love with freya) since then… urgh nothing majorrr comes to mind. Im fed up with arthur this and arthur that. arthur would obviously be dead without merlin. don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike arthur but the writers are killing the show by making his character seem to ignorant! arthur needs to find out about merlins magic and it can’t be a merlin-accidently-reveals-his-magic-moment it has to be arthur slowly realizes himself, this is needed to redeem himself from years of mind numbing ignorance. it seriously needs to happen near the beggining of series 5 if the show is ever going to evolve properly, because as ‘mel’ commented the show is called merlin and for merlin to ever become that powerful wizard everyone needs to find out hes magical! AND SOON.

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  5. john sullivan says

    I think it would be necessary to bring it to its logical conclusion the morte d’Arthur.That’s if its running any kind of parallel with Arthurian legend.The audiences appetite would be there dont doubt it.
    It’s aired every autumn which is ideal, darker nights etc.So it’s a time people get their fair digest of T.V Strictly,Doctor Who and this.People love fantasy television and at this time of the year it would be like telling stories around the fireside.
    So yes the interest would always be there.

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  6. TheRant says

    I sort of agree and disagree with what’s been said about Merlin. I’ve always pictured Merlin as a cross between Smallville and Hercules/Xena. Part of why I love it so much. Season 1-3 were fantastic, colourful and continued a mystical world where new lands were explored, new spells were found and a new creature was fought every second ep. *sigh* It used to be the best thing on tv. UK writing is so unique and lovely, and they take care not to make it as messy as Smallville. I respect most UK things. But maybe its as Aussie thing…

    Season 4, however, lost the magic of Merlin. Merlin used to be a 40min movie every Sunday night. Season 4 became a 40min episode. It slowed down. I understood the purpose of season 4–Morgana’s time to shine. But she wasn’t used to her full potential. Her transition (apart from her unexplainable hatred for Arthur, which I have to conclude comes from associating him to Camelot, which is a place of pain and isolation for her) has been really enjoyable. But now, as the true nemesis of Merlin, she has become nothing more than a pest. She should have won some of her schemes. The writers should have presented her with problems where she didn’t have kill someone but just to do something that could have made her win without killing off a character.
    Gwen was also badly treated in this season. Her character has always been quite picture-perfect. We were all relying on her affair with Lancelot to make her less flawless and more human. Then Morgana intervenes and makes the choice for her. Plus, Lancelot wasn’t even Lancelot. I’d rather they replaced the actor than do what they did. One episode is not enough to cover the Lancelot affair, I’m sorry! Gwen is now flawless. Not cool.

    I’d hoped season 5 would get rid of Morgana for a little bit. I love her. She’s the most enjoyable character to see in every pilot. But I want to get excited when she returns. Now that Arthur is king, I hoped that the Saxons or King Lot would be the enemy of the season and the season revolved around him consolidating his power with the other realms, and mustering his round table. Sadly, that’s not the case. Modred should have been saved. It’s going to be another Supernatural all over agian. Kill the main bad guy then not know when to quit and throw in another villain and pretend like its hopeless when they’ve just killed the Devil!!! *sigh 2* If they somehow make Morgana take a Xena redemption spin where Gwen mediates between her and Arthur, I will be interested again. Otherwise, I’m going to be true but disappointed with each season after.

    And yes, Merlin really should be Arthur’s advisor in season 5, if anything. Come on!!!! Make him change outfits. Gwen and Morgana have. Let us look back on season 1 servant Melrin who had more powerful spells than season 4 Merlin with nostalgia. :(

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  7. Alice says

    I really loved Merlin 1 through 3. But 4? I still watched it, but to be honest I grew quite tired of the story. Somehow it’s all set up now and just playing out. I was also very disappointed that at the end of 4 they went for a “reset” again where Merlin just goes back to being Arthur’s servant again.

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  8. Tony says

    omg … why can’t we just have fun watching this amazing Merlin series and not expect it to out do the least of any literary standards. It is what it is. It’s already a hit with the fans

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  9. Tina Prince says

    I totally agree with xenobia, zara, and tony. I’m AMERICAN and I absolutely love the show Merlin. I’ve gotten several of my neighbors, family, and friends to watch Merlin and they all have loved it!!! I’m so ready 2 watch season 5 and hope there will be more seasons to come. Merlin is a wonderful show that families can watch together and actually learn moral values…honor, nobleness, good prevailing over evil, sticking to your word & actually meaning it, etc. TV today is so full of reality shows that are so full of crap..showing spoiled rich adults/kids drinking, partying&being rude/obnoxious are ruining tv and sets a bad example for our youth. Merlin is a welcome change and a delight to watch!!!

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  10. Shelley says

    PLEASE bring back Merlin for season 6!!!!
    I love the series and can’t wait for it’s return. Is there any more news about the 6th season????

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  11. Salvs says

    Please bring back Merlin for season 6! Is there a petition for this? where do we need to sign-up?

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  12. veeray says

    people in America have got to be crazy if they don’t like Merlin, I was so excited to hear that it was going to start season 5 October the fourth,but then I hear that was in the UK and the gonna do January the 6th on syfythat’s way too long for Americans to wait thank God for YouTube Merlin is my top number 1 favorite show of all time I have been watching the reruns of all shows like crazy driving my family nuts please I beg you don’t discontinue it in amrtics

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  13. Jaime says

    I’m from the U.S. and I am absolutely in love with the t.v. show Merlin. Even though season 4 was a bit weak, bringing Morgana in as the new Big Bad, the show was still worth watching. I admit that her hatred for Arthur is a bit overboard… but Morgana as a bad guy is interesting to watch. I just hope that they don’t drag out her storyline very much longer. I think there needs to be a more threatening bad guy, one that has a very good reason to want to take down Arthur, Merlin, and/or Camelot.

    I do agree with the part about Gwen and Lancelot’s relationship being cut too short. I think for a t.v. show as filled with drama that they definitely could have let that go on longer, and I also think that Gwen’s character should have been allowed to dim down a bit. I don’t like that they have her being practically perfect.

    I don’t see why anyone is complaining about the title of the show in reference to the show itself. I believe that Merlin still deserves to be called Merlin. After all, we still have Merlin being himself, looking out for King Arthur and making sure of the future of Albion, as he always has. He is still keeping his secret and trying not to reveal it, while being faced with more and more situations that put that secret at risk of being brought into the light. I can’t wait for the big reveal!

    I am in love with season 5 already! I love that, no matter how much they go through, Merlin and Arthur still make cracks at each other. This show has made me laugh so much and brought tears to my eyes just the same, and I hope for many more seasons to come! It’s definitely one of my few favorites!

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  14. Erik says

    Please don’t end Merlin!! I have just started to follow it here in Sweden and we love the show so much!! We can’t wait for the 5th season to air here! Please don’t end Merlin yet!! Make more seasons or maybe movie,just don’t end it! :((

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  15. jordaN says

    i am a avid watcher of Merlin, nut im loosing faith, this show is starting to become smallville to much time on the beginnings of camalot and not enough time spent with Merlins magic, this last episode of the show 5×05 tho entertaining could have been the point of the show to allow magic in camalot there have been so many chances and every time the writers don’t allow this and there asking too much of the viewers time. C’MON Peeps lets start this show already

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  16. Sir Gallant says

    I think Merlin is a fantastic show and I am a dedicated fan. I certainly want to see Merlin continue for another season. But at the same time, I am not too crazy of the new “dark” path the directors have embarked upon. Merlin was once a great fantasy that had depth as well as brightness to it. But now it is becoming increasingly gloomy and full of prophesies of death and destruction.

    I dont like this. And I am pretty sure a lot of fans will agree with me. Just because this is an Arthurian legend doesn’t mean that it has to be so damn somber. Arthur’s story has been told in many different versions. I guess I was hoping the directors would maintain a more independant and cheerful direction.

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  17. Natalie says

    I love the show Merlin! I’m also from the US, and I watch season 5 anyway I can. I think the title of the show was kind of a turn off for me, at first. My husband and son watched the show first, and I thought it sounded cheesy (without ever really watching it). One day, I watched the episode where Arthur kisses Guinevere for the 1st time, and I was hooked. The love story captured my interest on the show, and it made fall in love with the show and the other characters as well. I think it would benefit the show a lot more, if there was more of Arthur and Gwen scenes. The ladies are always interested in a love story <3

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  18. Paige Cockbain says

    I don’t think there is any doubt that people enjoy it. People of all ages enjoy Merlin and for it to end after only five series is barbaric. However, although I couldn’t live without it, at some point Arthur will be sent to Avalon after Mordred wounds him, in legend no one knows what happened after that, whether he died or lived was unknown, Merlin was also said to die at the hands of a woman so there’s no saying how they’ll eventually end it. But the longer they drag it out the better, maybe they can invent new stuff because I really love that programme.

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  19. Paige Cockbain says

    Also, despite ladies loving a love story, we also prefer the woman characters not to rub it in that they can kiss Arthur and Merlin whenever they want. Arthur and Gwen are bad enough but if Merlin found love I, and every other girl, would be even more distraught. Arthur’s too hot to be married, but its cute, and Merlins all we have left :)

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  20. Paige Cockbain says

    Loving the fact Americans are in the fandom, sometimes I think British Tv is underrated, but then again Merlin is phenomenal. I can’t wait for everyone to find out Merlin is a magician, I’m looking forward to feeling smug that I knew first, like I’m a part of his secret. I also agree we need a King Lot, Avalon and definitely to focus back on Merlin, they need to highlight the weight of his responsibilities, maybe even do something drastic like kill off Gaius (despite my love for him) so we can see more of Merlin. They also need to make that fact Merlins more powerful than the other sorcerers, however I think they’re doing an unbelievable job, the actors are amazing and the storyline is unbelievable. :) I know Mordred will either kill or fatally injure Arthur I just hope they prolong it as long as possible :)

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  21. yiingz says

    my family love merlin very much we’re from thailand , i watch merlin every season from 1-4 . it was the best movie i have seen because it is exciting and i cant stop watch it . i watch in eveyday i love the actors and actresses very much ,so we want more more season 6,7,8,9,10… <3

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  22. blackleader says

    Perhaps it is because I am 1/2 American but honestly I think the irritation is MERLIN HASN’T REVEALED HIS MAGIC YET! Now with no confirmed 6th season if this ends with no reveal I feel…no, I know the audience will feel betrayed. I am all for retellings but for all who know the original tale of not just an advisor by Author’s side but a Wizard, pure and simple that is what we all want at heart. I had to withstand Uther not only being alive while Arthur was past a baby but them side by side, Arthur born into Royalty instead of finding out later, Mordred not being Morgana’s son, Gwen potentially attracted to Merlin in the beginning and a slew of other non-traditional paths this series took which would take the day to list. Still, I drudged on with glimpses of what I love carrying me through but 5 season’s in and no known Merlin magic? For the love of all that is right, get back to the heart of what we all love and reveal magic at least to Arthur if not the Kingdom. Sorry, the American side must have took over.

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    • Joy says

      I think the writers did a fantastic job of recreating the legends of Arthur and Merlin in their own way and with their own flavour and spin on it. The writers were very clear that they were going in a bit different direction than one might find in a book. I think the writers are to be commended for doing a fabulous job of creating these characters and developing the tales of Camelot. Here in Canada we really appreciate this wonderful British Series. What an excellent show all round! Please reconsider ending it. There’s so much material to work with and so many more tales to tell!

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  23. Nina Bianco says

    Merlin has been great ! We are great fans but its time to be finished. The plot lines are repeating. Morgana gets stabbed… doesn’t die. A member of the castle turns on Arthur. Just like Robin Hood, by the final season was just not up to the same caliber as the beginning seasons… Again we love it but even the 9 year old in our family is getting a bit tired of it.
    Quit while you are ahead !

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  24. beauty says

    Merlin is a fantastic show. season 5 so far has gone beyond merlin always saving the day, I think the writer has done a good job. I am a fan in Ghana and I believe the producers of the show are doing well and should not end at season5.

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  25. Jonathan says

    Its the most enjoyable and interested series ever…got me hooked from the 1st episode. Hope you guyz make alot more seasons, please do.

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  26. Myra says

    I love Merlin, from beginning. I love Merlin’s charater, and Gaius…Gwen..all of them..even the dragons! Is there a way for them to count consider viewers like me that don’t have television but watches through Netflix or the like?

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  27. Leroy says

    Ive been watching Merlin since the first series, i love it and Im glad the good folks in America are enjoying it. There wily always be a select few who will find fault with everything, to them i say your probably the type who can’t watch anything without lots of explosions, gun fire and colorful metaphors, oh lets see you do better than Merlin too, yeah thought so you can’t!! It was cancelled a bit back and because of overwhelming demand it came back from obscurity, name me a series that has done that, none that i know of in America or my beloved UK. Season 6 is on the cards to be released, and just like us in the UK rightly won’t be able to view any new American series until it’s been viewed there, the same is always the case in the UK etc but you hopefully won’t have to wait long. As for Dr who I’ve seen nearly every episode which includes the older ones.

    series have been

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  28. merlin says

    It look like i m late to response, it has been 8 month announcement. Last time i see merlin when Gaius leaving Camelot wolking through market and meet Gwen in the way.
    The idea Arthur marry Gwen so lame, really. Arthur is so hot to be marry with Gwen. Who idea is that Arthur marry with Gwen?. At least one of prophecy come true that Barrack Obama is USA president now:)
    I m happy if Merlin did’t help other, It more like a real lagend, me. All real Merlin care is the Excallibur, even the whole world call me liar, excallibut is the purpose of this lagend.

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  29. merlin says

    i have my own verdion
    kill gwen, because real corrupt arthur will have many woman
    merlin use excallibur to see thing , to control everything
    nobody will break excallibur
    everytime merlin use excallibur will raise one crytals of dimension,connect to time, zone,dragon, future betrayal and will trap him inside , merlin will loose and die
    merlin did’t born with magic, merlin was invite to camelot by dragon from the beginning
    merlin did’t need dragon anymore
    dragon trick everybody
    old religion actually lost path, doesn’t exist to bring light, it mission to release evil and being abandon by god
    excallibur can kill dragon
    now, only merlin ,arthur and excallibur left to end/continue the story

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  30. Mystic says

    I am an avid Merlin fan. I have always been very fond the story of Camelot since I was 15 and saw a play production of. I have seen the and read the story portrayed in many various ways and am delighted and fascinated by each and every one of them. From Merlin mini series to The Mists of Avalon. If it has been produced or written I have seen or read it. I started watching this particular version a few years ago when it was first introduced to NBC!!! Recently I have caught myself up on lost episodes. I am curious. I have BBCA and was watching it on that till poof one Saturday it did not show. I am understanding that Syfy will run it in Jen 2013. Which season will this bee. I he last one I saw was Season 5 Episode 7 i believe The Lesson of Vengeance. Would be grateful for any input. than k you

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  31. bre says

    the thing that would make it better if Morgana would find out who Emers is and Arthur finds out what Merlin is then he can find a way to embrace it. im tired of Merlin always saving Arthur’s life by using magic and some one else always get the credit .

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  32. Ahmad says

    When I saw the link to this website my heart nearly leapt with happiness thinking that season 6 PLANS were confirmed. Now it seems its still under debate. If the directors by any chance review these comments to gauge the audience’s desires, I hope you know that Merlin is a series that brightened many peoples’ days. I wanted to continue to for at least another few seaons.

    Please don’t rush Arthur’s fall. I dont want that happen and I dont think it should happen within the parameter of this show. I envision the demise of Arthur happening only after many many more years of rule. Please tone down on the somberness of the show and give the fans who have for so long watched this show some hope of continuity.

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  33. Nouki says

    I’m South American and absolutely love the show. I always found the bantering between Merlin and Arthur pretty amusing. However I wished Merlin could shine more… He is the reason for the series to exist isn’t he? And I’ll be honest to mention that I’ve come to find Morgana annoying…
    I remembered I began watching Merlin in HBO Family and now in Sony Spin. I hope HBO Family airs it again though, it’s a total downer that Sony Spin only puts dubbed episodes and not in English :S So…Really looking forward to a sixth series if possible.

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  34. mila says

    my name is mila
    i am from malaysia
    and i am crazy over merlin series.
    i have watched over and over season 2, 3 and 4
    but in whatever is season 5 is depressing arthur and guinevere scene
    i mean come on……
    it seems like love after married … is none
    so frustrating
    and the editing also…the editing make the story dull and we didn’t understand the story line.
    sometimes i need to find the deleted scenes to understand the whole story plot
    but please ..let it be SEASON 6
    and find another villain. don’t allow morgana to be villain in each episodes. its kind of creepy and boring

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  35. Nancy Hanks says

    So many people are very excited about a season 6. The very best series there’s been on TV for a long time. Can’t wait. Wherever we have to watch Merlin will be good!

    Like: Thumb up 3

      • Nancy Hanks says

        Hmmmmm. That is upsetting news. There was more there than magic and the hero’s journey, there was something that touched the subconscious on a very profound level. It elevated hope and elevated living in this world. I for one will miss it greatly.

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  36. says

    please never end merin it is my fav program in the world.
    i hope it never finishes
    make 999,99999,99999,99999,99999,9,9999,09999,99999,9,999,99,99,99
    series please

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  37. Natalie says

    Someone told me that there isn’t going to be a season 6, I’ve never been so depressed in my life!!!

    My little sister just found about Merlin (She’s 12 years old) and she’s fallen in love with the series!!! Please don’t end it now!! 😀

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  38. Gontar says

    Come on!
    Are you really wondering why UK has bigger merlin base fan?
    It’s national tale for the frakk sake.
    While for US viewers its just another fairy tale.

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  39. says

    so many people love watching merlin.
    do you really want all your fans do get upset?
    if you finish merlin everyone will get sad. think about it almost the whole world
    what will everyone talk about. everyone usualli guesses what will happen in the next episode. you know its not to late even if u have said ur gud byes. just talk t out.
    then u can be happy, AND ALL YOUR FANS WILL BE HAPPY TOO
    I BEG YOU!! x

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  40. Tina Prince says

    I just read that there will be no 6th season of Merlin. I am so sad & upset. Even though Merlin is a BBC show, there are many, many, american fans like me who absolutely love the the show and do not want 2 see the show end. Season 5 will air here in the united states on January 4th, 2013 on SyFy. I’m counting the days until then. In this day&age of mindless reality shows.. bad role models 4 our youth, Merlin has been a welcome delight 2 watch these past 4 seasons and one of the best shows on television!! I’m going 2 miss the show so much. I’ll be watching seasons 1 thru 5 over and over for years 2 come!!

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  41. Minimish says

    I Personally love Merlin and will watch it as long as it stays on the air. Each year I look forward to the new season. I even let my 7 yr-old watch some of the less intense episodes and she loves it as well. She really loves when he talks to the dragon :)

    I really hope the series continues for a long time to come.

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  42. dave says

    Very disappointed with no season 6 plans. My wife and I and my inlaws from china have been enjoying so much watching all entire episodes from season 1-5. Everyone was so sad to hear that season 6 plans were cancelled.

    Unlike a lot of other series today with multiple plots and jumping around with characters past and present and even future Merlin, is a treat to watch. Very easy to follow. My inlaws from China are huge huge fans of the show. I am not sure if it airs ever but it should.

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  43. says

    I really hope the series continues, but from the sound of things it has run it course. Very disappointed. The networks are canceling a lot of good shows, Merlin was a keeper. I hope they reconsider!!!!

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  44. firtree says

    PLEASE give us a Season 6 and beyond!!! I LOVE Merlin and live in the USA. I’ve watched it since the beginning and it’s my FAVORITE show and I RARELY will watch anything else. I look forward to every Merlin episode. We need shows like this! Every time I watch an episode I feel uplifted. IMHO, Merlin is just getting started. There’s sooooo many more storylines to explore. COME ON! Don’t stop now. Please don’t leave us in the Valley of Missing Merlin Sorrows. I feel this show could become one that spans decades, TRULY. One of the honestly brilliant shows ever aired on television. Please keep it going!

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  45. Katie says

    I’m asian and I absolutely love merlin I swear that’s the only reason we pay for cable tv……pls let there be season 6.

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  46. A-Hersia says

    Please, continue the series.! I laaaaawv that series so much. There’s no other series like that. Please don’t stop it. And I live here in Qatar, and always watch this show online.! So please, don’t listen to the haters, continue the series.

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  47. bill says

    thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merlin is really everything to me… just to watch it all the day…amazing…and the actors are wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!

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  48. Gary says

    I have watched all 5 seasons of Merlin and have enjoyed every single episode. I have looked forward each week to the following episode. It has been a great series and I am extremely saddened to hear there will not be a 6th season, which was initially “discussed” by the writers. Just flicking through some of these comments some of which are from fans as far as the US, it is very obviously popular. I hope they re consider and bring us another great series..!

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  49. JB says

    i’m asian and have watched all the 5 seasons of Merlin. It feels sad to see the last of the episode of the series. I always anticipate each week to see each episode. Season 6 Pleeeaaaaasssseeee!!!!

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  50. rfvasquez says

    I am from America, and I must say that I truly loved this series. The writing was great, and the acting was superb. The chemistry between Arthur and Merlin is/was legendary in this series. I watched Season 5 online, and I must say that it did not disappoint in the least.

    I would love to see how they would segway into a Season 6 – would definitely be interesting!

    Thank you England and BBC -you rock!

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  51. kearstyn says

    MERLIN MUST GO ON!!!!!! This show is one of the best shows i have had the privilege to watch, and to just take it away when he finally tells Arthur is absurd. The story is so fantastic and the personality of both Colin and Bradley makes the story line even better with the hint of comedy. I cannot stress this enough, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  52. Timothy says

    Just saw the last season finale and really would like to see more.
    The last shot of Merlin on the street today was some kind of a hint.
    Now I’m too curious, my entire family of 4 is Merlin junkies, more please.

    Can we petition to Save Merlin like they did with other shows?

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  53. Someone says

    I hope that will be another season. I’m watching this movie at the last two years. Last year i wait a few month to start a new series. Sometimes i’m watching to an new episode for two times. Merlin and Arthur are my favorite. In this new series Merlin and Arthur must know each other in the lands of magic. So keep continue with this movie.

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  54. Kacey says

    I am from the U.S. and I can tell you that I love this show and I hope to see it continue to the 6th season. I watch it on my computer like most others so I don’t really care what cannel its on over here.

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  55. Lily says

    Hy. I just finished watching the last episode of the 5th series, i love sooo much this tv show, I`m from Romania, and also would love a 6th season… I was very sad when i saw the last episode, i cryed, i so want them back, this can`t be done like that, i always imagined that Merlin series will have a happy end, plsssssss SHOW MUST GO ON THANK U

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  56. Claire says

    i love this series…please don’t end it this way..i never wanted arthur dead…continue the show with another season..please pretty please

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  57. Claire says

    i cried my ass out when arthur died..actually i still am…i really don’t want arthur dead..please don’t do this !!!

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    • Anne says

      I was the same way Claire. I still can’t talk about finale without crying. I was devastated with how it ended. Not what I expected. My teenage sons were shocked how it ended. They couldn’t believe its over. Very heart-breaking.
      I really hope they reconsider and make more seasons.

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  58. Lizzy51 says

    Please make a series 6 I love Merlin and please keep the same cast especially Collin Morgan as Merlin he’s so hot cant get enough of watching him this has been the best program in a long long while please keep it going.

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  59. Laura Saxon (that is my real name lol ) says

    Oh my god just watched the last episode of Merlin =[ please please please have another series and bring Arthur back.=] If they do a movie they should have the same cast because it wouldn’t be the same without them =] they can always add me in the cast list if they want though lol :) but would absolutely 100% love to see the movies and a season 6 :) long live Merlin. :)

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  60. NiknaF says

    so manny seasons have passed and i really havent noticed at all…
    i think they will bring it back on with a season 6 !

    Or at least i hope they DO !

    P.S. Bad endings are never good … But good starts always are always amazing ! :)

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  61. Gail says

    I am from israel and i❤merlin i can’t whait for the next season!! Pleas i whould realy like to keep whatching merlin and the next arthur, i can’t whait any longer !!
    Pleas make anther season… Pleas

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  62. susan says

    i am a big fan of Merlin. i watched all the seasons….just watched the last episode in season five. it felt after Aurthur found out Merlin have magic everything ended so quickly………we were waiting for the past 5 season for Aurthur to know Merlin had magic and Aurthur is to bring the magic back to Camelot……..was kinda sad tat it ended like tat………Hoping for a good new season…….

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  63. susan says

    i am from New York, i am a big fan of Merlin. i watched all the seasons….just watched the last episode in season five. it felt after Aurthur found out Merlin have magic everything ended so quickly………we were waiting for the past 5 season for Aurthur to know Merlin had magic and Aurthur is to bring the magic back to Camelot……..was kinda sad tat it ended like tat………Hoping for a good new season…….

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  64. says

    I sense that Merlin is canceled as a result of a pissing contest between BBC and the production company. They literally sacrificed our beloved show because of politics. That’s how I see it but I may be proven wrong. It’s just too sad.

    All in all, the ending was very emotional and dramatic. There is some talks about a potential spin-off but could it make a difference without Merlin?

    Arthurian legend continues nevertheless.

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  65. JULIETTE says

    What’s wrong with BBC???they’re crazy>>hope ITV will take the future Merlin series (We hope there’ll be series 6)….to prove BBC is wrong!!! Please we enjoyed Merlin very much and I’m speaking on behalf of all my friends and family here in America….we want King Arthur’s comeback>as it had been fortold in the legend……Please..please..please….we need more of Merlin!!!!!!!!

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  66. MJ says

    In Thailand Merlin is also the most popular series here, please do not end up this way, we are waiting for S.6. I really loves all of them.

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  67. João & Mariana says

    We live in Portugal and we love Merlin.
    Please, Merlin can´t stop at season 5.
    We´re waiting for more…
    Please do not let Arthur die forever, he must return to be the King of Albion!!!!

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  68. Marcia Hall says

    From the U.S. I LOVE Merlin. It’s so nice to get away to a land of make-believe for an hour when there was Arthur and the Knights of the round table. This has always been one of my favorite stories.

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  69. stevo says

    i cried when i watched d lst episode of merlin season5…pls dnt let d movie end in season5….it is one of d bst movie ever cnt end lyk dat arthur mst live

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  70. Daniel says

    We love Merlin and all of the Characters. It’s Is a Great Show !!!!!We have been watching it since it first aired WE LOVE IT !!!!!!! What is going on with the networks taking off great shows and keep the stupid shows as well as these reality!!!!!!!HOPEFULLY THE”LL JUST GET ANOTHER NETWORK TO MAKE IT HERE IN THE STATES ……WHAT A BIG MISTAKE BBC !!!!!!!!
    Does anyone know of a website where their is a petition you can sign .or is it just too late

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  71. Chano says

    My family is never interested in watching series about sorcerer, dragons and myths…but once we watched Merlin in a rerun, we got hooked and never missed the show, now we are dissapointed to find out the possibility for 6th season is thin :(

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  72. says

    Merlin is the best series i ever watched: pls what ever you do do end it now or have seen any other series as interesting or as porpular as merlin through out this year pls dont stop it. Besides if you notice there even some other movies or series which try to coppy some of the ideas to tell you how perfect it so pls dont stop

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  73. Caleb ALLRED says

    Merlin is my favorite tv show!!!!!!! You can NOT stop after 5 or 6! Please make as many seasons as you can!

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  74. mentoman says

    We Want Season 6 y want see the magic world of merlin and the reborn of arthur and ……… Just Y dont heav words y dont want to end on season 5 plz make season 6 all the world want it 😀

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  75. Chahuites Mexican says

    No! What this series can’t die, it’s the only program I know that makes television enjoyable anymore. I get so sick of reality shows that I hardly even watch cable anymore. Some of the storylines from some episodes are kinda cheesy but its a good family value show. It’s what good entertainment is all about. As Merlin and Gaius said, I too believe in the good natured world that these actors, directors and writers all tried to build. I hope if the show does go under wraps that they come out with another heartfelt family natured series like this one. I’m American and personally I find this show very uplifting, and just pure fun. Heck I want to be one of those knights. What magic, truly extraordinary. I hope they continue, even another year. If Syfy needs ratings Ill get people to watch it. Thanks again for the wonder and great light of ancient value that has been felt in watching this series. Two Thumbs Way Up!!

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  76. Chahuites Mexican says

    Sorry I just had to comment, this story can’t die yet. It was just getting really interesting, and where else are we going to see King Arthur and all of Camelot?

    Make a 6th, 7th, and an 8th Please!!!

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  77. Bryan says

    My family are from the US and we absolutely love watching merlin it is about the only show that my whole family will sit down together to watch. when we heard it was being canceled we all cried. so please keep making more seasons we will be right there with you.

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  78. Jackie says

    Please please please make another season there is so many places this story could go (and old merlin is hilarious). My whole family loves this series and have watched every episode together from season one through to the finaly we will sadly miss this show.

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  79. lizzie says

    please make a 6th series!! i enjoy watching Merlin so much my Saturday evenings will be boring without it. there are so many different stories left to tell it would be a shame to leave it at the 5th series!

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  80. steve says

    Is there going to be a season 6? You’ve got to be kidding me. There has to Be!!!!!. All I watch is news and tv series. Merlin is in the top percentile. We have to know how well King Aurthur and Guinevere do on the thrown. When does Arthur discover the wisdom and power of young Merlin. When does Merlin get a promotion. If and when will Morgana find her way back. What about the roundtable. This could go on and on. No cliff hangers. Take it to the end of the beginning. Take it to the ancient ruins of Camelot where the goodness of Camelot resonates and the energy of good magic leaves indisputable suspicion that the good people, all the Knights who have ever served King Arthur, King Aurthur and Guinevere themselves sitting upon the thrown with funny old Merlin at there side, have all drunk from the cup of life and continue in a another realm of eternal peace and laughter. Let the full legend by told and passed on to the own King’s great, great, great,….. grandson who will see, for the first time since the great city of Camelot was frozen in time, the image of Merlin the great who shows the grandson a vision of the city at its height. Last but not least the grandson’s ancestors sitting upon the throne. Long Live King Aurthur

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  81. Anne says

    There HAS to be a season 6!!!! Dang it!!! I cant wait till 5 is on netflix though! XD as a fan girl im begging for season 6!

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  82. George says

    We want,and we need Merlin and Arthur back!It can’t be finish with this way,with season 5.There are thousands and million people which wants Merlin back!!!It can’t be Arthur dead.There are so many things to see…Come on BBC…come on writers…all these 5 seasons to see Merlin crying,and Arthur dead,it is a joke right???!!!

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  83. adi says

    I just finished season 5 and I didn’t expect this sad end!!!
    I steal can’t believe Arthur is dead!!!! this is one of the best shows that ever made
    I want season 6, I need season 6 so plz plz plz plz do another season

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  84. giuseppe says

    please i just finish watching season 5 and it says arthur we rise again so please i need to watch it….it my best moving am waiting to watch season 6 and more

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  85. VICA says



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  86. Tomi says

    This was one of the best series ever seen… It was one of top 5 downloaded filles from partis – my country download site. You have iur suport do not let us down :(

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  87. BBC Hater says

    why they would go and cancle one of the best shows on tv is beyond me. This is a big steamy pile of crap, i always looked forward to watching the show each week.if BBC is not going to continue i hope another station picks it up,would be a great addition to any station out there,pleas someone keep the show going,dont let it end here.

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  88. sue says

    y the ending be like that?
    we need this series will continues..
    it should not be like that after all merlin did to protect Athur
    y dont they continue with Gwen pregnant n has son which follow Athur footstep?


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  89. Chelsea Desmond Omenukwa says

    plzzzzzzzzzzz i cant stop watching, talking, advertising, singing about merlin, i mean colins morgan, author pendragon, both two are aweson. i need season six of it plzz writer and producer help me to cure my craze about this film

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  90. Marja says

    Merlin is the best show ever. I was in tears when I realized that Diamond of The Day part 2 was the last episode. I was so saddened by the news that season 5 was the last. I’ve had nightmares having to deal with this news and even now I search the net for a glimmer of hope that there will be a season 6. Please please please please, whatever it takes, there must be a season 6. I’m begging you, I won’t be able to rest well if there is not another season. I am not the only one who wishes for a renewal of contract, there are many like me who feel the pain of not having Merlin in our lives. WE NEED THIS SHOW!!! Thanks

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  91. Bazinga says

    What does it take to bring back Season 6? You got to understand that this generation of people streams shows like this online. You can’t base rating on television anymore. It’s stupid.

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  92. peter bitson says

    i feel comfortable when am watching merlin regardless of which season, bro God may give u power so as u continue 2 give us refreshment ,am from Tanzania African countries

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  93. Isje says

    What it takes to get a season 6??? A lot of fans who ask for it. Look for more fans who want a season 6 on facebook: merlin2return!

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  94. jones says

    Leaving Merlin like this will mean too many lapses on your part. Where is the much talked – about New world that Merlin and Author were to build? With the demise of Author, Merlin becomes useless because he has no destiny. How can a great show of all times end like this. I mean… we are waiting for the surprise…

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  95. sara says

    dont end another great series seriously all the bloody good shows always get cancelled!!!!!
    make this one different to original stories bring back arthur he wasnt supposed to die til he was older anyways.
    please dont cancel it…

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  96. s.p.g says

    Me & my family love the show. I have them all on boxset. Pls come back . i would love to see s- six.

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  97. hasti says

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE BRING ARTHUR BACK.i cant believe that arthur is dead.he cant be dead.the ending was so sad.i cried alllllllllllllllllllot.i cant stop thinking of arthurs death.WE ALL WANT SEASON 6 AND WE ALL WANT ARTHUR BACK MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.

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  98. Heidi says

    Please give us season six and I need season 5 I just watched the first four seasons in three days I can’t get enough. Why make us all addicts then not feed our need its just not right.

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  99. says

    please let ther be merlin series 6
    every one is dieing to se weather merlin/emris has achieved a world were people of magic power live among people with no magic power
    and im only 12 but still i strongly recomend that merlin series 6 get premired it will go down better than doctor who and star warsput to gether i mean doctor who is amazing … star wars i dont think so but it was an amazing hit so was doctor who
    your sincierly umut akdogan
    P.S i love merlin i wish to meet the amazing merlin/emris one fine day.

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  100. Bernice says

    I have watched all of Merlin’s seasons, but I have to say it didn’t end right, what happen to the new world Arthur and Merlin was build. I loved this show so much that I re-watch it over and over. Just wished it continued. Would of like to seen Gwen having Arthur’s child and Merlin watching over the child. there is so much to continued, why did it stop??????

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    • Phoebe says

      You got it there so much to the story that you can keep this going are at lest you can end it better then this.

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  101. french06 says

    i just watch new episode of warehouse 13, and i see they say Merlin, all new episode friday may 10, what is that ?? new season or mini episodes ??

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  102. laelaunna says


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  103. Yusuf says

    Merlin is too captivating. Why kill the vibe created already. Many will be disappointed. Keep that in mind. Thanks

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  104. dan says

    Is there going to be a S-6? merlin is the best show ever and im dying to see if Arthur returns as the dragon told merlin at the lake of avolon!

    Plzzzzzz be a 6th Season

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  105. Larry says

    Here’s how they would have to continue the series (spoilers): they would have to send a time traveler to get the old Merlin, as Camelot is long gone in our time (which is where we see the old Merlin in the end of the movie). Old Merlin would have to be teleported back in time to where everyone is still alive, but some time has passed. The time traveler would get some resistance from the old Merlin, the old Merlin would explain how Camelot fell a long time ago. Eventually the time traveler would convince the old Merlin that he was needed to help with the rebirth/resurrection of King Arthur. The old Merlin could then come back to the time soon before the new enemy who arose brought about the fall of Camelot, he could then possibly team up with the young Merlin to help with the rebirth of King Arthur. The producers would have to find an actor for the old Merlin or make him die or leave within a few episodes. Either way, I feel that they would have to make the old Merlin leave eventually, he’s just too powerful.

    Another option would be to have King Arthur come out of the lake in modern day, but have him come back with a means of taking him and the older Merlin to the time I had mentioned above.

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    • Sierra says

      Hmmm… interesting theory. However Merlin might of lived long after Camelot and is still alive to this day because of the powers he possesses. Therefore King Arthur is reborn as well as the others in our time and have no clue of the greatness they all posses. Merlin on the other hand can be young or old just as he’s always done.. Merlin will live forever unless he becomes mortal. As for the story of King Arthur and the others.. they will learn of their past lives in time and Albion will rise again in our time just as its always done before. Hence.. The Great Circle of Life. With respect and no offense.. – The Dragon Keeper

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  106. says

    I would really love to have a season 6! Pretty please??? I love the story and all the characters in it. I could tell that everyone is effective in playing their part. Im hoping Arthur will be back.. in that case it will be very interesting to find out how they would make Albion rise in the need of its ONCE and EVER KING! MERLIN has inspired me most to do greater good w/o taking credits.. BiG HEART, GREAT StORY w/ impeccable moral lessons.. in short, please give us season 6!

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  107. Sierra says

    Most people I know are in love with Merlin.. while most of America is having a hard time appreciating the great deal of hard work put into these series.. I’m not sure. I’ve just finished season 5 on Netflix in America and 100% loved it. This is by far the GREATEST King Arthur and Merlin story ever created. This is the closest they’ve come to the true story in years. I do indeed hope you continue the story. May Albion rise again! With love from the old world – The Dragon Keeper

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  108. pubudu says

    such a bad ending. we need merlin season 6. u can build up a season 6. there is a film that is same to this ” The sorcerers apprentice “

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  109. says

    why have u decided to end it like dis. when i watch the season ending and i remember it i cry .
    please continue merlin we the fans love it{crying}. if you do it we will have smiling faces once again

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  110. says

    Dear Merlin Prodcuers,

    I beg you in the name of God. Please continue Season 6 for us to see Arthur come back and reign forever. The season 5 indicates that Arthur will rise again so why not continue at the stage Arthur rose again and but before then, we will probably know that socery came to Albion since Arthur had known the secret of Merlin.

    I beg you in the name of God. This is indeed a great film. Please do it for us and for the sake of God. hahaahahaha.

    Thank you.



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  111. Rhonda says

    I hope there is a new series I think Merlin is the best series on TV I have watched all the shows twice. I can not understand that a well written series is not continued. I think the only problem is the marketing of same. Most people I talk to loved the show forget the Americans they have not produced a decent series for many years. Please a new series…perhaps try and get them on TV stations with a good marketing person.

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  112. jade moss says

    i was so upset watching the final epiodes. i love merlin and am so angry that it ended as badly as it did. they should have done another series with arthur and merlin working together and merlin truely using his powers. such a disapointment ! im just glad i can re watch the epiodes now i have bought all 5 series. i wish it would come back however as my saturday night is not the same without merlin.

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  113. Emmy says

    I love Merlin. if there Isn’t another season I will just die. I just finished season 5 and it’s November 8th I really hope they make another 1 please reconsider it. I would kill for season 6. This is absolutely my favorite show.

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  114. says

    i have been watching the series and i am on the last one and it has been very existing to watch i do in joy them very much. i do hope they keep making more series.

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  115. Meg says

    There MUST be a season 6; there is so much more you can do with the show BBC. Like, for instance, THE HOLY GRAIL. That is a huge part of the KIng Arthur legands. According to some of the origional Arthurian tales The Holy Grail is what protected Camalot from destruction and war. Camalots greatest imes of peace were after Sir Galahad the Pure found the Grail, and brought it back to Arthur, King of Camalot. This would be the BEST way to continue the story; by having them follow this quest, mishaps along the way, procuring the Grail, and finnaly, returning to Camalot with it in hand.

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  116. says

    There really needs to be another season 6. I’m from the US and there are PLENTY of friends, family and others I know that have also wished for this. I was instantly hooked on watching Merlin. Unfortunately I have grow up without cable and have relied on netflix which has seasons 1-5 that I’ve watched over and over again countless times because its so good. I can never get about it, to this day I am still curious to what this show could’ve become with more seasons, this whole show has gotten the best of me and I couldn’t be more in love. I hope other fans and everyone else can manage to get this amazing show back on its feet. So much mystical, power, beauty and intelligence in this production is utterly mind blowing and is why I attached to this show so much. It breaks my heart to keep seeing that this is it. I hope that one day everyone will realize how great Merlin truly is and it’ll rise again just as Arthur <3 WE WANT SEASON 6!!!!!!

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  117. Irmi says

    I am looking forward to the day I finally see the release date of Merlin Season 6 and I am actively looking. Does anybody know any news about it? There is no question in my mind that there are millions of people worldwide who want to see this show continued. I am confident that it will be extremely successful, especially if the creators from the past seasons 1-5 would continue with their magic along with the production team, actors & great creativity… (and if not, I wonder, in case there is a need for a firm to further produce Merlin, if Starz could do it? Just an idea…) What fun to watch this show. Great work and thank you all so much for bringing magic back into people’s imagination. This world surely needs it more than ever…

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  118. Kim Switzer says

    I have bought the boxed set of the 5 Seasons of Merlin and finished it all and I am now waiting for the next Season 6. It is a great Series and should be continued to the end. You need to finish it we have all suspended for long enough. Great work by the cast and produces it is well done. Keeps everyone imagination alive.

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  119. wowie says

    hope theres sesson6 i love merlin and arthur huhuhuhu its sad cause theres no sesson6:( hope they can make a lot of merlin sesson..i wish that to the director of this story….

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  120. Nancy says

    When Merlin went to Syfy we missed it because we don’t get that channel, so had to wait for Netflix to carry it. I think most of the US is NOT into wrestlemania and do appreciate good programming like Merlin! If you are from the UK, don’t lump all Americans together! We are far more diverse than you give us credit!

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  121. Brain from us says

    Please please someone tell me that there was a season 6… I just found the show on netflix and loved it from the first episode watched all the way through season 5 and need more please. One of the best and probably the most addictive show I’ve ever seen!

    American fan…

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  122. Tashia Rubart says

    I am from the US and also love Merlin. I think a lot of the complaining is ridiculous though. To make an episode more Merlin centered would take away from his whole point of character. He (Merlin) has said MANY MANY times I don’t do it for the recognition or to be praised. I love the show and am very sad it will not continue.

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  123. says

    merlin series is a must watch…please continue to season 6.. pleasei’m begging you… i really am hooked by this series…its great and wonderful

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  124. khoula says

    Im from the United States, and I LOVE Merlin! Its truly brilliant and one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched. PLEASEEEE CONTINUE THE SERIESS.. i ask with all my heart.

    :'( :'( </3 please.

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  125. AFFUL EMMANUEL says


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  126. Richie says

    I’m form Philippines and i bought all the series of Merlin,and im hoping that season 6 will be aired soon, please im an aviud fan of Merlin and Arthur especially.

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  127. Richie says

    I’m from Philippines and i bought all the series of Merlin,and im hoping that season 6 will be aired soon, please im an avid fan of Merlin and Arthur especially. please,please please

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  128. Pamodi says

    I LOVE merlin soo much.merlin fans all around the world are waiting for season 6.We bed BBC,merlin producers and actors to continue merlin even until season 6 with a proper ending

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  129. Luz Zuta says

    I really love Merlin and I am hoping the BBC decides to release the Season 6. Please don’t leave us like this. In the Season 5 was offered that Arthur will come back, then we are waiting for it.

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  130. Tracy brewer says

    My husband and I got into this show as well as all my friends and most of my family we really hope that more seasons come back where Merlin goes to the portal of the underworld with someone that is willing to give there life to bring him back to life so that Merlin can carry on his destiny and Arthur can be the king and raise a child with Guinevere and rule the kingdom yet again. And there was talk of Merlin bringing Morgana back that is a no in my book don’t bring her back only King Arthur this is the only show my husband and I truly got into and loved spending time together watching it please bring back more seasons Merlin and Arthur have so many fans there are millions of fans I have looked on many sites and all ask for more seasons

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  131. Ahdiah says

    I love Merlin. ever since i started watching it i wanted to do it more and more. Waiting for season 6 since i hated the fact that Merlin ended up so heartbroken. And hoping Merlin would not fall in love with Morgana.

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