MERLIN Embarks On Dangerous, Temptation-Filled Journey In Series 5


The fifth series of Merlin will continue to explore the titular character’s development and the dangers his of his growing powers.

Co-creator Julien Murphy told SciFi Now:

“I think it’s interesting because you saw a glimpse at the end of last series, particularly when he killed Agravaine, where he was becoming a much more stronger, focused and powerful character. and we’re really interested in taking him on that journey with all its dangers and the temptations it will bring, so that will be a big part of the fifth series.”

When the fifth series returns to the BBC later this year it will jump forward in time, placing Gwen in a very different position. Fellow co-creator Johnny Capps notes:

“All the characters will have moved on a lot, and we will see that Gwen is now the Queen of Camelot and has a very different role than she’s had in previous seasons. When we start series 5 I think everyone will be surprised where all the characters are.”

Source: SciFi Now | 2

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