MERLIN: 5.02 Arthur’s Bane: Part 2 — Promo


Merlin continues Saturday, October 13 on BBC One with the second part of “Arthur’s Bane”. Here’s the first-look promo:

Series 5 continues as Morgana seeks the key to all knowledge and ancient prophecies weigh heavily on Merlin.


  1. sunny says

    i love the merlin show. The actors impress me alot especially arthur, merlin, elyan, quine. I am also attracted to quinevere. I wish i have access to her. Pls ensure you produce series six. We will keep on watching so long u keep producing

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  2. DLMartin says

    This program is a “gem” with nothing like it on the network. A continuation of its story would be greatly appreciated, it’s creation respected and enjoyed by all ages.

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