Meet The 17th Century Korean X-Files with Fringe-like Opening Credits

If Fringe gets canceled, I know what I’ll be watching!

We came across this footage from a Korean TV drama called “Special Investigation Report” (commonly dubbed “Joseon X”), which takes place in the 17th century Joseon period. Apparently the series has all the good stuff – mysterious lights in the sky, heavenly omens, mystical forces, and interesting characters.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are more than a few specific allusions to The X-Files and a somewhat ‘Fringey’ opening title sequence. Check it out after the jump.

Matthew Bey from the No Fear of the Future blog has seen some of the first season and says the X-Files comparison is hard to miss:

“The X-files comparison is hard to avoid. There are two investigators, one with a mysterious past, the other filled with skepticism, who must investigate bizarre events at the behest of covert government forces. There’s even a “smoking man” character who smokes an insanely long pipe.”

As for the show’s opening titles – pretty cool:

Kinda reminds me of the Fringe opening credits:

Especially in terms of style and the molecular camera transitions.

I’m off to learn Korean so I can bring you my weekly Special Investigation Report ‘observations and eastereggs’. Don’t think I wont.

[hat-tip: io9]

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  1. mlj102 says

    “I’m off to learn Korean so I can bring you my weekly Special Investigation Report ‘observations and eastereggs’. Don’t think I wont.”

    I don’t doubt you for a second. Why let a little thing like language barrier stand in the way of you and intriguing TV? I don’t know much about you, Roco, but I have learned not to underestimate you when it comes to things like this. So I wish you luck with the Korean. And just so you know, reading future reviews on this is going in my list of things to look forward to. Right under GleeBloggers. :)

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  2. says

    Ah, good to hear, mlj. I’m glad I’m not the only one looking forward to both of these undertakings. Which one’s the foreign language TV series again?! :)

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  3. ajewell says

    I actually watch a lot of Korean drama series, and I actually watched this one last year when it first came out. On several popular blogs it was even voted the best drama of 2010 (

    You’ll be happy to know it’s already fully subbed in English. You can watch it here for free if interested: However, it’s not a recurring series (few Asian dramas are). It’s exactly 12 episodes, but definitely worth the watch. If you ever have some spare time, you should definitely check it out!

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