LOST OBSERVATIONS: 2.03 Orientation

LOST OBSERVATIONS: 2.03 Orientation

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Welcome back to LOST Observations! In this installment we take another look at Episode 3 of Season 2: ”Orientation” - both the title of the episode and the video that gave as so much to chew on eight years ago. This third Locke-centric is not just one of the most important mythology episodes of the show; it’s a great exploration of the second season’s most central characters and their views on the science vs. faith debate. We’re gonna need to watch that again!

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Beware – major plot spoilers for Seasons 1-6 ahead..

“He just had a gun pointed at your head!”



  • Locke’s flashback episodes in season 2 are all about his relationship with Helen and his father. Locke eventually finds her grave in The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham, and is reunited with her in the flashsideways world (although he doesn’t ”move on” with her).
  • Important to note: this is not the ”Helen” John spoke with on the phone in Walkabout. No, this one is actually named Helen.
  • Not only does Helen predict John’s baldness, she’s also the first character to say the word ”cork” on the show. Surely we all know how important it is to ”keep a cork in” now that the show has ended!
  • Helen and John help each other deal with their anger issues. They go together like a horse and carriage (sorry). However, there are some trust issues between the two from the start. Locke secretly leaves Helen’s bed to visit his father at night. He never tells his new girlfriend about this. On the other hand, Helen doesn’t tell John that she started following him for a while either.
  • It’s John’s father who eventually causes the end of the relationship. It’s the one thing in Locke’s life that his father doesn’t destroy on purpose. For Locke, it’s important to know and understand where he belongs. That’s what Anthony Cooper represents to him. He eventually chooses his father over a happy life with Helen in Lockdown.
  • Besides feeling some sort of love for his father, what Locke feels most of all is a fear to move forward with Helen. He attempts the impossible and takes the ”leap of faith” – much like another character does later in the episode.



  • Like Jack on the island, all Locke wants from his father is an explanation. There has to be an explanation for what he’s done to him. According to Anthony Cooper, there isn’t one. He tells his son ”there is no why”… Something that greatly upsets poor John.
  • There’s another thing Cooper says that rang alarm bells for many fans across the world: ”You think you’re the first person that ever got conned?” After this line was uttered, many considered the possibility that Anthony Cooper might end up being the real ”Sawyer”. This turned out to be true in The Brig.



  • Ana lies about her time on the island to her captors, but the pieces are there for us to connect: We know Ana-Lucia was on the plane because we saw her at the airport in Exodus, so her being with Eko likely means that he was in the tail-section of the plane as well. Either that, or she was at some point captured like Michael and his friends. But we all know that’s not the case!
  • Michael mentions that his son was kidnapped by The Others. This doesn’t seem to surprise Ana. We learn in The Other 48 Days that she very well knows what The Others are capable of in that regard. They kidnapped Zach and Emma; two kids whom Ana felt responsible for after the crash.

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  1. Choekaas says

    Nice to see it back.

    My take on the DHARMA symbol near the Temple:
    The DHARMA Initiative wanted to take control over the Temple after learning about the healing spring. That was an unique opportunity to study the healing properties. Problem was, it was against the Truce and they knew it, but they marked it on their maps anyway. (Just like The Swan had its logo made years before it was even built). But DHARMA never got around to it before they were dead.

    Meteorology station: I ALWAYS wanted to see a meteorology station. In my mind I simply picture that DHARMA didn’t complete the station or it got destroyed over the years and that we HAVE seen it on the show without realizing it.

    Remember that place Ben was signaling with his signal mirror in season 4? That place on the top of the mountain? Because it clearly wasn’t the Temple as it’s not located on the top of a mountain range. And why would someone be there, hanging out all day long on top of a mountain range with no visible way down? That mountain peak is not a place where you’d climb up and be for the rest of the day.

    My theory. It’s the DHARMA meteorology station, built inside the mountain, with a ladder/elevator down to ground level. One or more Others take shifts or something there, just like Bonnie and Greta in “The Looking Glass” and Mikhail in “The Flame”. Signaling mirrors fits with DHARMA. Why? We saw them down in “The Swan” in when Desmond was looking through the scope.
    It would make sense that the study of atmosphere would be located high up. So that’s my take on it. Weather station was seen in “There’s No Place Like Home Part 1″.

    Like: Thumb up 2

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