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Welcome back to LOST Observations! It’s time to check back and see what we missed from the second season’s second episode; Adrift. Originally written to be a Sawyer-centric, my least favorite episode of the show picks up where we left off after the huge plot twist that was the kidnapping of Walt. Meanwhile, we get to see events from the season premiere play out from Locke’s point of view.

Remember, you can scroll over the pictures for extended fun, but beware – major plot spoilers for Seasons 1-6 ahead.

“We’re caught in the same current!”



  • The episode picks up right where we left off in Exodus: with Michael and Sawyer lost at sea. Things are looking pretty bad; Walt has just been kidnapped, Jin is missing, and the raft that was supposed to be the survivors’ salvation has been blown to pieces. Oh, and Michael is drowning.
  • The episode opens with a shot of Sawyer. As you might recall, this episode was originally supposed to be a Sawyer-centric focusing on the Tampa job, but was turned into a Michael-centric  at the last moment instead.
  • Jin can be heard during the scene, but mysteriously disappears later. We learn in The Other 48 Days that, while Michael and Sawyer were hanging out on the raft, Jin was being held prisoner and questioned by the survivors of the tail-section. Not sure who got the better deal.


  • The World Trade Center towers can briefly be seen outside Michael’s lawyer’s office; a way to establish the time-frame of the flashbacks.


  • The Michael flashbacks focus on the period after his car accident shown in Special. Michael is recovering, but still walks with a cane. There’s a minor continuity issue here, as Michael acts surprised when he finds out Susan wants him to “sign his son away”. This is something Susan told him in person, not long after the accident.
  • Michael’s line “They’re not taking my son away”, of course, also relates to his current situation on the island. Michael is determined to get his son back.


  • The room where Michael has his custody meeting looks eerily similar to Claire’s attorney’s office in Raised By Another. That’s because both scenes are shot inside the Hawai’i Supreme Court’s jury conference room. The building was originally designed as a palace for King Kamehameha V and also doubles as the Hawaii Five-0 task force’s headquarters. I did my research. 😉
  • Both scenes – both episodes, in fact – are about the main characters doubting their decisions to let go of their sons. On the island, both parents are forced to raise their sons alone.
  • Another connection to Raised By Another reveals itself when Susan tells Michael that he can’t raise a child while pursuing his career as an artist at the same time. This is exactly what Thomas – Claire’s boyfriend – was not able to do.


  • Susan’s attorney, Lizzy (who looks quite similar to another Elizabeth coming up on the show!), tells Michael that he doesn’t know much about his own son. Mrs Klugh will tell him the same thing on the island in Three Minutes: “For someone who wants his son back so badly, you don’t seem to know much about him, Michael.”


  • Susan tells Michael she thinks he’s going to win. Part of me thinks she’s being awfully manipulative here, but on the other hand – well, she’d know; Susan pursuing her career as a lawyer is what caused her and Michael to break up in the first place.
  • Susan asks Michael to “let [Walt] go”, which he eventually does – speaking about himself in the third person when saying goodbye to Walt at the end of the episode. On the island, Michael eventually takes responsibility for the kidnapping of his son.

Michael:“I just want you to know that no matter where you go that I – that your daddy – yeah, your daddy – he loves you very, very much. And I always will.”


  • Michael gives Walt a stuffed polar bear. Of all things...


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