LOST OBSERVATIONS: 1.24 Exodus – Part 2

Lost Observations Exodus Part 2
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Welcome back to LOST Observations. We’re steadily sailing towards the end of season 1. This week we’re looking back at the clues and easter eggs from part 2 of the season finale: episode 1.23 “Exodus”. Things are starting to get dramatic at the beach when Rousseau takes Claire’s baby to trade for her own. Deeper in the jungle, Team Dynamite tries to work out who should be risking their lives for the cause.

Beware – major plot spoilers for Seasons 1-6 ahead

“So, dude… What do you think’s inside that hatch thing?”


LOST Observations: 1.24 Exodus (part 2)

  • Part two of the season finale opens with a shot of baby Aaron’s left eye. Exodus is an important episode for the development of this character. He gets a name and everything.
  • Malkin’s warning that “danger surrounds this baby” seems to be coming true, as Rousseau kidnaps Aaron to trade for her own daughter. Fortunately, Charlie is able to bring him back to his mother.
  • Charlie asks Sayid for a gun, but doesn’t get one because he killed someone (Ethan) the last time he held one. In The Whole Truth, Charlie denies Ana-Lucia a weapon for the same reason. Then again, he was pretty annoying throughout that whole episode. 😉


LOST Observations: 1.24 Exodus (part 2)

  • The Black Rock turns out to be neither black nor rock. In truth, it used to be a British trading ship from the 19th century. Nothing special about that, except for the fact that it’s shipwrecked in the middle of the jungle.
  • Richard Alpert (‘Ricardo’ back in the day) was brought to the island on the Black Rock. It is suggested that Jacob is the one who caused the Black Rock to crash on the island.

Hurley: “How exactly does something like this happen?”
Rousseau: “Are you on the same island as I am?”
Hurley: “Guess that explains it.”

  • Dr. Arzt’s first guess is correct: he explains that “a tsunami probably swept it here”. The ship was indeed swept inland by an enormous wave, destroying the Statue of Tawaret on its way and turning it into the Four-Toed Statue.
  • The deaths of the slaves inside the ship were shown in Ab Aeterno. They were killed by Jonas Whitfield, one of the ship’s officers, because he was afraid the slaves would kill eventually come after him. Ricardo was saved just in time by the Man In Black.


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