LOST OBSERVATIONS: 1.23 Exodus – Part 1

Lost Observations 1.23 Exodus Part 1
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Welcome back to LOST Observations. We’re nearing the end of season 1! What a ride it’s been. This week we’re looking back at the clues and easter eggs from the first part of the season finale: Episode 1.23 “Exodus”. The episode features flashbacks from the day of the doomed airplane flight. On the island, when things are starting to look most dire, the survivors also take their biggest step yet in their journey home… but do they still want to go back?

Beware – major plot spoilers for Seasons 1-6 ahead

“We did it!”


black smoke

  • Danielle Rousseau arrives at the survivors’ camp to warn them that the Others are coming. We’ll find out later that this is not entirely true, although Rousseau does appear to believe so. She kidnaps Aaron, hoping she could exchange Claire’s baby for her own daughter. What she doesn’t realize is that the Others were coming for a different boy: Walt.
  • We learn that Alex is, in fact, a girl. Most of Rousseau’s story appears to be true, as seen in This Place Is Death and Dead Is Dead. Ben Linus, a rookie Other at the time, took Alex away from her mother and raised her. The only error here is that the pillar of black smoke was already there on the day Rousseau shot her husband (as witnessed by Jin). She was still pregnant at that time.
    • — In Live Together, Die Alone, Sayid uses black smoke as a signal to Jack and a warning to the Others. “This time, they will know that we are coming.”
    • — It’s very possible that the black smoke is some sort of homage to the Smoke Monster that roams the island. The Others are afraid of it, but surely they must be intrigued by it as well!
  • The survivors prepare to move to the caves in order to avoid the Others. This is their last visit to the caves; the episode Adrift is the last time we see the set, until it’s revisited by Jack and Hurley in Lighthouse and shown in the flashback episode Across The Sea.


jack and ana-lu

  • Jack meets a woman named Ana-Lucia at the airport. Ana will turn out to be alive and become a main character in season 2. Unfortunately, she won’t survive long. Jack won’t see her again until Collision.
  • Ana-Lucia asks Jack why he was yelling at the girl at the check-in counter. This refers to a scene from White Rabbit. We’ll later see this scene from Ana’s point of view in Two For The Road.
    • — Coincidentally (ha), a few days prior to this scene, Ana-Lucia met Jack’s father at an airport bar. She asks about Christian’s death, not knowing she was with him the day he died.
  • Jack tells Ana his airplane seat is 23B. Ana’s is 42F. Imagine how different things would have turned out if they had switched seats!

the switch

  • Ana-Lucia gets a phone call and walks away. This is her mother calling, although it appears in Two For The Road that Ana-Lucia is calling her. The scene immediately cuts to the phone call because, originally, this scene with Jack was supposed to be edited in between.


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