LOST OBSERVATIONS: 1.12 Whatever The Case May Be


Welcome to LOST Observations: your guide through the clues and easter eggs scattered throughout ABC’s LOST. This time, we’ll see what’s in the case from “Whatever the Case May Be”.

In episode 12 of the first season of LOST, Kate and Sawyer find a mysterious suitcase, while Charlie is still trying to cope with his close encounter with death and the recent kidnapping of Claire. We also find out Kate robbed a bank once. Exciting stuff. Let’s see what else went on in Whatever the Case May Be.

Beware — major plot spoilers for Seasons 1-6 ahead

“Is this it? Is this what you wanted?”


  • Actress Evangeline Lilly is quite the tree climber. That’s probably a reason why her character Kate always seems to end up in a tree somehow, like in the first scene from this episode. She’s up there to get some fruit for the rest of the survivors, while Sawyer is secretly following her through the jungle.
  • In What Kate Did, we also see Kate up in a tree. This time, she’s getting fruit for Sawyer, who had been shot by one of The Others. And instead of Sawyer, it’s a large black horse that’s following her through the jungle. LOST is random like that.
  • Earlier in season 1, Kate climbs a large tree to attach Sayid’s antenna at the top. She tells Michael “I’ve climbed a lot worse”.
  • Unless I’m mistaken, we don’t see Kate climbing a tree for a while, until she wakes up in one after the Jughead explosion in LA X. Again, LOST is random like that.
  • Speaking of women in trees (which I really don’t do very often); in The Beginning of the End, Kate gets attacked from above by Naomi, who was miraculously able to walk away unseen from about 30 people, create a false trail, double back, walk into another direction and climb up a tree… all while having a large knife in her back.

  • Sawyer and Kate follow the sound of streaming water to find a beautiful waterfall. This location will be seen two more times on the show.
  • In Exposé, Nikki overhears Kate talking about the Halliburton case that she found at the waterfall. The case that this episode revolves around. While Sawyer did find himself a wallet, he failed to notice the bag filled with $8,000,000 worth of diamonds that belonged to Nikki and Paulo. The couple in crime went to the waterfall to retrieve the bag, but Paulo lied about finding it at the bottom, telling Nikki all he saw was dead bodies.
  • Large trees are not the only familiar spots that Kate was sent to following bright, white lights. In 316, she and Hurley are somehow ‘teleported’ from the Ajira plane to the waterfall, where Jack saves Hurley from drowning.

  • The loving, caring Boone that we will see in the flashbacks for Hearts and Minds and Abandoned is gone. According to Shannon, he’s still in love with her, but all we see are insults. He has a good reason for it too, as we’ll learn in the next episode.
  • While Boone is out digging out the hatch to the Swan station, Shannon is sitting at the beach, reading magazines. In Boone’s words – “being useless” (which is ironic, because Boone is not actually looking for Claire at all, like he says to prove his point). He has called Shannon “useless” before in the second part of the Pilot, when Shannon was staring at the dead body of a man she was rude to at the airport.
  • Instead of trying to prove herself, like she instantly tries to do in the Pilot by joining Kate and Sayid on their hike, Shannon decides to sunbath in this episode. When Sayid comes to her to ask for her help, she is resistant at first, but eventually agrees to help him. That is after she learns that it was not Boone that put Sayid up to it. This is Shannon’s first step in letting go of her past life – It’s not just about Boone anymore; in this new life, there are other people that she can prove herself to as well. In a way, you could say that her deciding to work on her tan instead of trying to prove herself to her stepbrother is some kind of progress.
  • At the end of the episode, we see a hint of Boone’s feelings for Shannon as he is seen watching her and Sayid from a distance. It reminds me of the way Jin is seen looking at Sun at times. Is it jealousy, or a genuine feeling of protectiveness and responsibility? We’ll see more about the relationships between the three characters in the next episode, Hearts and Minds.

  • The way Mr. Hutton from the bank tells Kate to “call him Mark” is telling. After a 30 second conversation, she has already managed to charm him. It brings back memories of a certain U.S. Marshal, and the last thing he said before he took a shot to the lung: “She got to you too, huh?” Being headbutted by her twice, Sawyer gives Jack a similar warning about Kate in this episode.

“I know you think you’re doing her a favor. But however she talked you into doing this; she lied, brother.”

  • Mark Hutton is not the only man Kate has managed to seduce in this episode. She manipulated bank robber Jason to help her rob the New Mexico bank, to retrieve a toy airplane she got from her childhood boyfriend. When “Maggie” got what she needed, she disposed of Jason by shooting him in the leg, John Reese-style.
  • On the island, Kate tries a similar tactic on Jack. She uses him to dig up the body of Edward Mars, before cleverly hiding the key to the suitcase in her hand. Her goal is the same: to retrieve the toy airplane; the thing Kate cared about most… before crashing on the island. Unfortunately for Kate, Jack is smarter than your average bank robber and learns that Kate has killed a man. Fortunately for Jack, she doesn’t shoot him in the leg afterward.
  • The irony here is that Tom Brennan, the man Kate used to love, wasn’t (directly) killed by Kate at all; he was shot by a police officer when Kate tried to escape with him in the car.
  • We learn the complete backstory of the toy airplane in the flashbacks from Born to Run and Exodus.

  • Shannon mentions living in France and meeting a boy named Laurent. He watched the movie Finding Nemo over and over again. The French song La Mer (or rather the English version of the song, but we’ll forgive that minor goof) played during the end credits of that movie, which is how Shannon recognized it.
  • We meet Laurent and his parents in a deleted scene from the season two DVD. It turns out Shannon was the ballet instructor of Laurent’s older sister, and that Laurent’s father – the “this guy” that Shannon dated – was married at the time.
  • The show’s composer, Michael Giacchino, has composed his own piano version of the song La Mer for the end of this episode. In the six years he’s worked on the show, he has composed his own versions of the songs “These Arms Of Mine” (S.O.S.), “Shambala” (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead), and “Catch A Falling Star” (Sundown).

  • The number of the safety deposit box Kate robs in her flashbacks is 815; the flight number of the doomed Oceanic plane, and part of the sequence of Hurley’s lottery numbers aka Jacob’s Candidate numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42).
  • Sawyer tells Michael “You’d better find yourself a runway”. He will actually build one himself while being captured by The Others on Hydra Island, and use it to leave the island in the final episode.
  • As briefly mentioned in the previous episode, the tide is coming up the beach. Fast. Way too fast, according to Sayid. This is one of the earliest hints that the island is moving through space (and time). It’s also a good excuse to get rid of the airplane set; there actually were high tides coming up the shore of Oahu – where LOST was filmed – and the crew had to get the airplane wreckage out of there.
  • In her flashback, Kate says she doesn’t know how to use a gun. “It’s classic,” according to Jason. Kate used the same classic lie in the Pilot, when she pretended not to know how to take the Marshal’s gun apart. Sawyer saw through her lie immediately and told her “I know your type”.
  • Kate tells Jack the airline made the Marshal check the case. We get to see this scene in Exodus.
  • Charlie tells Rose “Maybe I should have died”. An interesting comment, after seeing his storyline from the show’s third season, in which Charlie was confronted with his predicted – possibly destined – death multiple times.
  • A moment of silence for the beautiful, cinematic Oceanic fuselage crash site set. We will only see it again in old and re-used footage from now on. Oh, and during the end credits of the final episode… which confused a lot of viewers.

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  1. Dan says

    So I just finished watching Lost for the first time. I remember seeing these articles and wanting to read the observations, but I resisted. I know this is the last post and it’s been a while, but is there a reason they stopped? I’ve liked what I’ve read so far.

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    • Jim says

      Thank you! The main reason was I was too busy with school stuff and work. That, and honestly the next few episodes weren’t that exciting for me to write about. 😉 But no worries, I’ve started on my post for the next episode and I will continue writing next year!

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