LOST OBSERVATIONS: 1.02 Pilot (Part 2)


Welcome to part two of LOST Observations: your guide through the clues and easter eggs scattered throughout all six seasons of ABC’s LOST. Our next stop is Part 2 of the Pilot episode.

As described by the show’s producers, Part 2 of the Pilot episode is a lot more character driven than its first. We get to know more about characters that weren’t explored yet in Part 1, and learn more about the secrets of their past. So far, Locke is the only character willing to reveal his secret. Other characters are not willing to let go just yet. Charlie is still using drugs, Boone and Shannon are still bickering over past issues, and Sawyer is still massively annoying and selfish.

“Guys, where are we?”


  • One of the early character mysteries from the Pilot is explained when the airplane scene is revisited through Charlie’s perspective. Charlie turns out to be a heroin addict.
  • The island pulls the plane from the air just before Charlie has the chance to flush away his drugs. His final test to let go from his past… before the Nigerian plane (filled with heroin) is found, of course.
  • It’s interesting to note that Charlie walks all the way to the front of the plane and is never shown walking back to the middle section where he ended up. That could just be the magic of editing though. The same goes for Cindy, who ended up with the tail section survivors.

  • We are properly introduced to Sawyer and his aggressive nature when he’s seen fighting with Sayid. His first words said on the show? “Son of a bitch!”
  • It’s also the first of many times we see Sayid bringing equipment back to life, using nothing but “some time”.
  • Sawyer tells Sayid he “saw them pull [him] out of line before [they] boarded”. It’s possible he’s referring to the little incident caused by Shannon, who reported Sayid to the airport security after he’d left his bag with her in Exodus.

  • Shannon tries to prove herself to Boone by going on the hike with Kate and Sayid, like she tried to do with Boone’s mother in the past (Abandoned). Boone doesn’t quite get it and accuses her of making bad decisions to upset her family. Or does he get it? Shannon is an interesting character because there’s many ways to look at her actions; telling Boone to leave because she thought he didn’t believe in her, and later conning her stepbrother to “earn” the money she was owed. Is she acting out of insecurity, or trying to get revenge? Or is it something else entirely?
  • I just wanted to point out the face Sayid makes when he first meets Shannon. He just shakes his head and sighs, as many fans probably did when they eventually ended up moving on together in The End (personally, I didn’t mind it).
  • There’s a funny, possibly foreshadowing moment in the next scene, when the group is climbing the mountains. Sayid is leading the group and takes Shannon’s hand to help her up, while Boone is behind them, uselessly trying to push her up by her leg.

  • Locke tells Walt Backgammon is the oldest game in the world. That’s not entirely true; Senet (the game played by Jacob and the Man In Black in Across the Sea) is said to be an early ancestor of the game.
  • Locke explains the mythology of the show. “Two players. Two sides. One is light, one is dark.” Although they had shirts that matched the theme, it’s still debatable whether or not Jacob and the Man In Black were ever entirely ‘light’ or ‘dark’. Like most of the characters on the show, both had good and evil inside of them.
  • The colors black and white are used many times throughout the show. The Senet game found by the Boy In Black came with black and white stones. In Claire’s dream, Locke appeared with one white eye and one black eye (Raised By Another). The Smoke Monster appeared as a very bright light and a cloud of black smoke. The Man In Black finds a scale with a black and a white stone in Jacob’s cave (The Substitute).

  • Our very first polar bear. As we know now, the bears didn’t come from Bear Village, but were brought to the island by the Dharma Initiative for experiments involving space and time. As Pierre Chang explains in the DVD epilogue;

“Ursus maritimus, or polar bears, possess a keen sense of memory and adaptability. These traits make them ideal candidates for electromagnetic studies that will be conducted at a secondary site where their comfort in cold temp–”

  • This is not the first time Kate pretended to not know her way around a gun. She used the same lie to rob a bank in Whatever the Case May Be.
  • Sawyer took the Marshall’s badge because he “thought it was cool”. He will wear a similar “badge” years later, during his days as the head of security for Dharma.
  • Although Jack decided to lie to Boone about the pilot, he seems to know about his death now. In a deleted scene, Sayid informs Kate that Charlie told everyone about it, explaining the continuity error.

  • Boone suggests Rousseau’s distress signal comes from other survivors. He’s wrong, although other people did survive the crash. Boone is the first to find out about this, when he hears Bernard on the radio inside the Nigerian plane. It’s too bad he never got to tell anyone about it.
  • “It killed them. It killed them all,” Shannon translates. As we later find out, Rousseau’s team was infected by the Man In Black (like Sayid and Claire are in season 6), but killed by Danielle Rousseau herself.
  • There are parts of the message that Shannon doesn’t translate. Rousseau mentions Brennan (one of the members of her team), the Black Rock and some unknown keys that Brennan apparently took.
  • We’ll later learn there’s a Radio Tower on the island where Rousseau recorded the transmission.

  • A picture of a polar bear appears in Walt’s comic book.
  • “If you see or hear anything – anything – run.” There’s our second “running” joke involving Kate. Except this time, Kate does seem to appreciate the irony.
  • The Chinese symbol on Claire’s necklace translates to “love”.
  • Sawyer is seen reading the letter he wrote to the real Sawyer; Locke’s father.
  • Josh Holloway (Sawyer) is heard using a non-Southern accent in a few scenes. He was trying to mask his accent until executive producer J.J. Abrams explained to him that he was hired because of it, a couple of weeks into shooting.
  • The CGI from this episode was apparently so convincing, images from this episode were mistakenly broadcast by Bolivian channel PAT as “the final moments of Air France 447”.
  • The sea urchin scene with Claire and Jin is the scene that made me fall in love with Claire. I was twelve years old back then. Good times.

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