LOST Co-Creator Damon Lindelof: No Regrets On Ending, Talks Long-Form Mythology


LOST showrunner Damon Lindelof doesn’t regret the ending of the serial drama, stressing that he didn’t want to do the ‘architect meets Neo’ conclusion. He also tackles the ambiguity of LOST and the challenges of creating the perfect ending for long-form mythology tales.

Warning: the following video contains MAJOR plot spoilers for the ending of LOST. Continue at your own discretion!

LOST may have ended two years ago, but it’s still very much in the seriable consciousness. Speaking to The Verge, Lindelof tackled questions regarding the polarizing ending to LOST, specifically the decision to choose (what can loosely be defined as) ’emotion over mythology’.

Lindelof notes that he has no regrets about ending the show in a way that felt most satisfying to him, and points to the season 6 mythos-heavy episode “Across The Sea” as being one of his most disappointing episodes in the series run because it was as close to the Matrix ‘architect scene’ as LOST came.

The question of how much of LOST was improvised along the way threw up the best quotable from the interview: “This is the plan, and when the plan doesn’t work, we change the plan”.

It’s an interesting watch, check it out in the player below (note: there may be some spoilers for other series in there, so be warned – you should have enough time to skip those parts if required):

In related news, Lindelof recently noted that LOST will one day return without him.

Source: The Verge

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  1. says

    Heh I know! We whipped through it. I am so happy I was totally unspoiled. I’ve been hunting down opinions over the last couple of days and I’m a little stunned at the massively differing opinions. I remember hearing that some people were pissed off at the ending but wow. I thought it was perfect. I’d still love to have some “Roco’s Observations” at some point *nudge nudge* though I get that you have a million other shows to cover. I’m already planning a re-watch so I can spot things I might have missed the first time around. Thanks again Roco!

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    • says

      Great stuff hezzer!

      Yeah, it’s interesting to see the wide-ranging reactions, which also helps to illustrate how invested fans were in the journey.

      Heh, I’m sure I’ll get round to revisiting the Island for observations at some point. :) Thanks for sharing, enjoy rewatching!

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  2. Jim says

    ”Yeah, but.. I mean, it was like a shared fantasy!”

    Damon did a great job at that interview. I would have been so annoyed. :p He completely turns it around halfway through and makes the interviewer realise that he basically set himself up for disappointment. It’s great.

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  3. DRA says

    How did the interviewer misunderstand the ending of the show so badly?

    Personally, I wasn’t that into the ending, but only because the Jacob/MIB magic stuff seemed like such a departure from the rest of the show.

    I’d rather see a conversation about that, not this dude’s misunderstanding of the show.

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  4. matt says

    i ont have time to watch it until later, but reading the description it seems kinda funny to me that the whole time I was literally waiting for the “architect meeta neo” ending, because that a GOOD, SATISFYING ending. emotion over mythology = lazy a**hole. they could have easily done both; they could have easily had the ending they had PLUS not leaving us all in the dark on the non emotional things that interested us. I’m with GRRMartin on this one.

    oh man this is making me scared for star trek II. please dont f it up damon. please!

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