Lone Star Is A Blown Star – Fox Cancel Show, Bring In Procedural

Fox has taken Lone Star to the river and drowned it while whispering, “It wasn’t your fault..not entirely,” in its ear. The network had given the critically acclaimed drama a reprieve after its dismal ratings performance on its debut, but after another poor showing last night, Fox saw fit to make the TV landscape less seriably.

Like I said yesterday, I’m not a Lone Star fan, but it’s never ever a good thing when a serialized show with a decent story in its locker gets canceled after just TWO episodes.

You might have hoped that the inevitable cancelation would open up a Monday night spot for other Fox serial Fringe. Well, Fox has reached for the nearest available procedural (season 3 of Lie To Me) and stuck it there instead, starting next Monday.

It’s times like these when I don’t think The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad can start soon enough. But let’s not over-react here. We have enough quality serialized shows to sustain us for this year, and the at least half of next. And with The Dark Tower TV Series, Terra Nova, and Game of Thrones looming large, things still look good. But two episodes? ..This may yet harm future creative instincts.

Stay Seriably, people.

[source: THR]

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  1. Cherioki says

    As Fringe Fan, I might sound a little nasty when I say, this is good news for Fringe. With X-factor airing next year, about 3 hours of television will be allocated to that show. Which means three shows from Fox won’t probably get renewed. I’m gonna be even more mean and say I hope Lie to me gets canned as well, leaving less competition for Fringe if the show begins to be on the bubble for renewed. Tough economic times it is.

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  2. Elaine says

    I very much hope ‘Lie to Me’ doesn’t get cancelled if for no other reason, I love watching Tim Roth work his magic each week. That being said, if it came down between that show and Fringe, bye bye, Tim!

    Let’s just hope the premiere numbers aren’t an indication of the numbers for the season.

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