FRINGE: Leonard Nimoy On His Season 5 ‘Conversations’


Leonard Nimoy has provided an update on his Fringe future. Will he be back in Season 5? Read on for the latest.

Explaining what motivated him to reprise his role as the enigmatic William Bell in the 2-part Fringe Season 4 finale, Nimoy said:

“I’m a sucker for a good role and [Fringe executive producer] J.J. Abrams is a friend of mine. He calls. I take his call. The writers and producers, Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner, and the cast – they’re a wonderful bunch of people and I enjoy being there. When they called and asked me if I would do it, it was pretty easy to convince me that there was an interesting challenge in the character and a very wonderful company to work with.”

The recent visit to the show’s 2036 Observer-ridden future (to be at least partially explored in Season 5) revealed an ambered William Bell along with other members of the Fringe team. Does this mean Nimoy is set to return in Season 5? Nimoy said:

“I’m sure we will be having conversations about that before too long. I haven’t heard anything new about William Bell or the show, except that it has been picked up for 13 episodes, which I think is wonderful. I know the company was hoping for that so they could have another season to close it out successfully. I haven’t herd anything about Bell coming back, but I’m sure I’ll be getting a call. We’ll talk about it. It will depend on my schedule. It will depend on what they have in mind for the character. There are a lot of issues to be dealt with, but we’ll be talking.”

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  1. Pwnsauce says

    So essentially, if they come up with something Nimoy deems decent, he’s probably coming back. I hope so, because I feel like we need closure to his storyline. I need justification for him becoming deranged out of nowhere. It just seemed too out of character without a real foundation for it.

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    • Underseer says

      Agree to some extent, but I also think YourPique has a point about it not being the Bell we knew.

      Also since Bell clearly knows a lot more about the Observers than everyone else, I think he has to come back anyway. As somebody else observed ( 😉 ), it seemed a little too convenient that he left the gun where Walter could get to it. It’s like things unfolded as he wanted them to – that the ‘universe collapse’ was a pretext for some wider scheme, as I think others may have speculated already.

      Also, there’s another question which I hope to get an answer to: why do the Observers appear to have no doppelgangers in the alternate universe? We now know that it was our September that distracted Walternate over there. We’ve seen no evidence of Observers that originate in the alternate universe.

      The possible answer is that the Observers do not come to pass in the alternate universe’s future, but if Fringe stays true to the form we love, it’d be cool if the answer wasn’t as simple as that.

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      • Pwnsauce says

        I understand what you guys are saying, and you easily could be right, but I just don’t see how Peter’s presence or lackthereof has any real effect on William Bell. I don’t think think the difference in timelines really matters for Bell. It was established that Bell was ‘over there’ before Walter stole Peter, so how could Peter’s existence change him? I guess my beef is with having Bell as the chief villain, yet so little overall development throughout the series. They’ve made it clear that most everything that happened over the course of the series (The Pattern, Shapeshifters, Universe collapse, etc.) has been the work of Bell, but the jump to that realization just seemed too sudden for my tastes. I understand that a lot of that probably has to do with Nimoy’s age/availability, which really is a shame.

        So if I think the timeline change doesn’t change his motives I guess my feelings hinge on how I felt about about Bell for Season’s 1-3. I always thought Bell was the sort of omniscent guy of the show, and ultimately was looking out for our central characters. I do believe that he is severely flawed in many ways, but ultimately he is good, based off his actions in S1-3. His actions and speeches to Olivia, Peter, and Walter always seemed genuine to me. I was skeptical, but at the same time I wanted to believe in him being good in the end, just like Walter.

        It’s too convenient to me for them to say “everything we saw really was leading up to a grand conclusion with Bell’s motives” and not develop it at all. I hope that all of the universe collapse was part of an even larger-scale scheme, but the fact that Observers took over the world a few years later puts that into question. I just perceived Bell as being extremely layered and both a villain at times and friend at times. His role in Brave New World was just so one dimensional it didn’t strike me as authentic.

        I feel like I’ve rambled a lot, so feel free to pick apart things and I hope everything makes sense there.

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  2. YourPique says

    It wasn’t out of nowhere…the intentions of Bell were always questionable. I think they tried to make it clear, though, that this is not the same Bell we saw in the first 3 seasons. It didn’t appear that he was manipulating the world/timelines to make his new world possible (ie. putting Peter in the machine at the end of season 3), he said he was doing it because Walter discovered how (a different reason for removing his brain pieces than the original timeline) and then he got cancer in this timeline, and became desperate.

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  3. Underseer says

    I would be extremely surprised if Bell wasn’t brought back in season 5. There are too many unanswered questions surrounding him in the present and the future.

    I am concerned, however, about Leonard’s health. He’s not a young man. Maybe I’m overstating this, but there were times during his performance when I thought I could hear laboured breathing, which appeared to have been suppressed somewhat in post production.

    I’m concerned about him being subjected to the stress of the punishing schedules of a TV series, when he retired for a reason.

    I hope the showrunners ensure that he isn’t overtaxed. I would be horrified if we all demanded his return, then he were to have a health issue due to performance pressures in Fringe. I’m sure the man has a family and a life outside Fringe, that must come first.

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