LAST RESORT: Where The Show Would Have Gone In Season 2 Revealed


In the end, Last Resort did what it needed to do in the wake of early cancellation — the thirteenth and final episode resolved the central storylines and character arcs, giving fans a sense of closure. But where would it have gone had it not been culled by the cruel, cruel blade of cancellation? Chatting to Hitfix, co-creator Shawn Ryan reveals where the story would have gone and how the show would have opened up in the back nine and beyond.

On how much the original plan for the thirteenth episode made it into the series finale:

The episode was always about the mutineers attempting to take over the sub, it was always about Marcus and Sam really being at odds, and in fighting against the mutiny, coming back together. The stuff that got rewritten once we found out it would be the final episode: we rescued Christine and returned her to the States, we accelerated and really minimized a story that was going to play bigger in subsequent episodes with James and Tani and these prospectors that were on the island and starting to mistreat people from Tani’s tribe. That was going to play out as a much bigger thing. If there are some rough scenes in the final episode, I would say that story was. We didn’t feel we could totally ignore James and Tani in the last episode. But that wasn’t a thing we were playing in the original scripts. And then the culmination of the story is pretty much all new. In the original version that we wrote, it was going to be the end of Josh Brannan, he was going to die in the gunfight on the sub, that was going to be our big emotional loss before Sam and Marcus retook the sub. All the act four stuff is new, and the culmination, the ending, is new.


So, with Marcus and XO reconciled, where was the story going to go from there?

We were about to dissolve the American blockade. In many ways, a lot of the first 13 episodes were about survival, and we were going to transfer in the last 9 to, “If survival isn’t the main issue, if we’re being left alone, what is this place?” we were going to do the opposite, where all of a sudden, things are open on the island, and they’ve become icons for a certain segment of the world’s population. All of a sudden, these boats arrive with people who want to be part of this movement. And what do you do about those people? Can those people be trusted? Is there an assassin among those people? One of those people was going to be Marcus’s surviving son, who had always disagreed with him politically, but who now looked upon Marcus’s actions as something admirable, even though Marcus thinks that his son was misconstruing that. There was going to be a woman with his son who would be a foil for Marcus, philosophically and romantically.  We were going to do a much bigger story about how Christine gets saved. We were going to deal with the island and the fact that there were valuable minerals on it that needed to be saved, things like that. We had definite plans on where we were going to go.

As for what he could have done differently to make the show appeal more to ABC’s demographic, Ryan launches a quip in the general direction of Revolution:

In retrospect, probably the thing I could have done was sell it to NBC and have them air it after “The Voice.”

Ryan goes onto admit that while he hoped Resort could survive in a universe where the ratings-challenged Fringe was able to defy the odds, he effectively knew the writing was on the wall from episode 3 or 4. It’s pretty candid stuff, read the full transcript at Hitfix.

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  1. Rick Terry says

    “In retrospect, probably the thing I could have done was sell it to NBC and have them air it after “The Voice.”

    Ha! LOL! He said it!

    That is all that Revolution has going for it. I’d even go as far to say that had Last Resort been on against Revolution, it would have taken many of those viewers from NBC in that timeslot. Last Resort is just a better all around show. I really hate Revolution. That’s why it is waiting until march to air the back 10 episodes. Without the Voice as a lead in, Revolution would be nothin’.

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    • Peanut says

      Yes, I think that “Last Resort” was a better show than “Revolution.” As some suggested, maybe it should have been made as a miniseries or with a shorter season.

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  2. Peanut says

    Thanks for posting the link for the whole interview. I had to read it just to see if he’d say anything about Serrat. I guess that he underestimated viewer sentiment (& not the good kind) about the character. When I was watching the show, I kept yelling at the screen, “Button up your shirt, dude,” because Serrat’s chest was definitely not attractive & the show kept having him wearing a shirt with too many buttons undone. Wardrobe malfunction for sure. (On the other hand, although Arrow has scars, no complaints from me on his many shirtless appearances.) Then Serrat really didn’t seem to have any positive points–maybe Shawn Ryan should have watched OUAT to get some ideas about how to write an interesting villain. When I wasn’t yelling about the buttons, I was muttering “Why aren’t you dead already?” when the guy was in a scene.

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  3. matt says

    all the decent shows get cancelled while zombie garbage gets mad air time, i hate these recycled animals that get a voting decision who and what gets cancelled

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  4. Paul says

    I live in Australia and we are only up to ep3 (next week). I am personally sad to see the show axed. I have really enjoyed it, as have many friends that are watching it also. I have downloaded the remaining eps and watched. They were great, with the exception of ep13. I hope that Last Resort gets a reprisal, even as a last resort !!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  5. Alicia says

    this is bulls***! I love this series!! I’ve downloaded all the episodes and watched them all in one and half days!!! I cant believe the AXE! take away some of the best shows! THEY SHOULD REALLY KEEP GOING WITH LAST RESORT! MANY PEOPLE I KNOW LOVE THIS SHOW! A LOT OF PEOPLE DISAPPOINTED AND ANGRY!

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  6. Jem says

    I am SO disappointed to hear this show is cancelled! It’s been a long time since I have been so enthralled in a series – I too am from Australia so have had to download the eps as we’re quite behind in Oz, but I loved it! I really hope it can find a way to come back as I thought not only the plot/storyline was fantastic, but the actors that played these characters that I wish we’d gotten to know better..

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  7. gavinrogers says

    im so surprised when i realize they canceled the show since im a big fan from the first episode. the charactors are so rich in personality and the story are full of suspense…the actors are very good as well, although the end is a bit hurry, overall its a very good show, i hope they can pick it up someday in the future.

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  8. tukai says

    Should of kept the bloody show cranking as soon as it came to australia i coundn’t wait and download the whole episode off the net… just show what crap and bull shit shows they love in the U.S. Last resort has been a great show in a while!!!!!!!. i wish i was a billionaire to keep ther show running.

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  9. Carl says

    We’re behind in Australia, and I enjoyed Last Resort so much I had to download US episodes satisfy my interest. Very sad to see that their is no Season 2, it was one of the best shows to come out of the US in a while. It was better that Jag and all of those other re-runs. There were so many options open for Season 2 and I could have been so much better than episode 13. Oh God … no we have to suffer another zillion Cop Shows with a string of letters for a name … or Bruce Willis saving the world.

    Come on guys … we know you can produce great stuff when you want to. Bring back the last resort with the XO as a politician and the Grace her own Boat. Maybe a standoff with Nth Korea in the script to parody real life to keep it real … a little like the storyline in the West Wing with Allison Chaney as the President. Now there’s something to think about. Long Live The Last Resort!

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  10. Mark says

    I too am from Australia & reckon this is the best show I’ve seen in years. The characters were real & believable.
    Why do the USA keep a axing great shows for cop shows, vampire shows or yet another reality show?

    Bring back Last Resort. Even with the rushed wrap up episode, there is still so many directions the show could take & questions still unanswered.

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  11. says

    i liked this show (last resort) but just like heroes and the event, its fate, the axe, has finally come. what exactly does this means we are yet to be told.

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  12. Anonymous Buddy says

    It’s a shame shows like this couldn’t make it, when we have shows like MTV Cribs or Keeping Up With the Kardashians making tons and tons of money.

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  13. Veeral Rana says

    When I started to watch the show and realized the season ended I had no idea that the show itself had been cancelled. But the one thing that came to my mind was that if the show aired on fox or NBC I sure as hell would have watched it live. To here him say that he should have sold it to NBC is exactly correct. He show had lots of appeal but the wrong channel entirely. I hope someone buys the show still and airs it on another channel.

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  14. Julia says

    I too am very disappointed in the cancellation of “The Last Resort”. I enjoyed the acting and writing and the setting. The plot drew me in and was engaging. It’s too bad American television is run by those without any vision. You’re not just entertaining your own country anymore, wake up!

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  15. Erty says

    In Australia too and loved the show. The trouble with a lot of good shows that get axed is that they have a level of sophistication that the average American just can’t grasp. These shows are made for primarily American audiences and not for export. Firefly, Harsh Realm, Millenium…

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  16. Steve says

    Just watched it, thought it was a great series with lots of potential. Shame it got cancelled, but understandable as it portraid America as the bad guy; maybe the war-mongering storyline hit a little too close to home.

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  17. Lawrence says

    honestly l love this movie as security man working @ the port i have learnt a lot of lessons of consistency. Am so much in love with this movie i’d wanted to read about season 2 only to meet this i feel soo sad if it can be revived i will appreciate it. and i would a hundred and twenty percent to all that made it possible.

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  18. steven says

    I guess im abit late to contribute to this forum but after watching 7 episodes i was already looking all over for season 2. I just came across it by luck i suppose but was really disappointed to find out it was dropped..a really great show..sad to see it go..!!!

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  19. Marc says

    I’m from Germany. This show is a pearl – it should be kept airing, there a many possibilites for season 2. Even in german translation the suspense was so great, even much better than many movies. Keep it ALIVE!

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  20. Azrin says

    HI.. I’m from Malaysia.. I’m really enjoyed watch this show.. the way of the Captain and his XO giving ordered to thier mans.. Love Last Resort.. Thank You.

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  21. roger slaughter says

    If any Network executives—-out there, gets the sense of ‘HOW BIG’ this story can be—-YOU’re totally dumb if You don’t get this show back on AIR!!—-ITS A MONEY MAKER(by the way) the new version–the captain survives the blast and makes his way back to the Island where the Crew hides him before going state side!

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  22. Bruce A. Hughes says

    I fail to see how a series can last 25 years that is absolutely I G N O R A N T ! !(e.g. The Simpsons,[ really??]) and another series last 18 (American Idol!! Yeah, seriously???), but the one or two I like only last 3 at the most. Am I really the only person in the viewing world who does NOT see the justification in that??
    Am I really the only person in the viewing world who does NOT like watching a 9 year old brat call his father by his first name and his sister a bitch??
    Bring back some of MY shows. Please???

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  23. Rogers52 says

    The Last Resort was the best TV show in the history of television, but we all know why it really got cancelled and it was for POLITICAL reasons. It was a popular show and people loved it, so cancelling it made no sense… But when you think about the plot of the show then it all starts to makes sense as to why it got cancelled. The higher ups made sure to cancel all the good shows (like Last Resort) and replace them with nonsense like American Idol or Honey boo boo.

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  24. James Monaco says

    It was a very good TV series. Programming executives are generally plain stupid. How they obtain their positions let alone keep them is nothing short of mystifying.

    The commanding officers of the ship represented the best traditions of the US Navy: “Honor, Courage, and Commitment”.

    The Commander of the HMS Serapis to the American Commander of the USS Bon Homme Richard: “Sir, will you strike our colors?”

    The response: “Sir, I have not yet begun to fight!”

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  25. Aimee Ali says

    Why must the show be AXED? No season 2? The best tv series on earth and the storyline is true about what’s happening in the world’s politics today…I’m gonna throw my TV soon..
    Very sad indeed..

    Gotta search my Walt Disney cartoon and re watch all over again..hmmm

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