LAST RESORT: Monster Ambition But No Monster-Of-The-Week


Monster ambition but not MOTW. That’s the message from creator Shawn Ryan when describing his upcoming ABC thriller Last Resort.

Last Resort tells follows the story of a U.S. nuclear submarine crew who disobey unverified orders to launch World War III. Now, attacked by their own nation, they seek salvation on a nearby island and declare themselves an independent nuclear nation. Drama ensues.

Speaking at the press tour, Ryan suggests a more character-driven serial format will serve Last Resort:

“You know, there’s going to be a Tom Clancy aspect to this show, the way there was in the pilot, every episode. TV is about characters, and so it will come characters first. We’ve described this not as a show about war, but about people in a time of crisis. It’s not going to be a monster-of-the-week situation, but there will be high stakes.”

As for themes, co-creator Karl Gajdusek told reporters the series will pursue the question of power and what it means to have it:

“One of the things that we hope to embrace without ever being on a political soapbox is what power is. And it’s one thing to be captain of a submarine.  It’s another thing to all of a sudden become captain of an island.  It starts to sound a little bit like a president or a king and what that is.”

Series lead Andre Braugher views his character with admiration:

“He is a patient, loving, optimistic, disciplined man, that the safety and the flourishing of this crew, that the protection and the following through with his mission is of utmost importance,” he said. “Now, doing the right thing and protecting your crew are not necessarily the same thing, you know, and that another captain would follow the order. And Marcus Chaplin follows legal orders. So there is a weight of history that comes into play in being the man who fired on Pakistan, and getting it right is of utmost importance. And so the character will be transformed in the future. Knock wood, that will be a long future.”

Source: Huffington Post | Post-Gazette

Last Resort surfaces this fall on ABC.

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